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The second dish in our "In between list" which covers food that you can either eat in small local stands or fancy restaurants is the one and only Tajine. Tajine as you might know actually refer to the pot where the the dish is cooked and there is numerous recipes but I will share with you the most classic and known ones.

1. Tajine with lamb or beef meat with dried prunes

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It's one of Moroccan cuisine most famous dishes and it's usually prepared for special occasions but the good news is that you can find pretty much in any restaurant specialized in Moroccan food or Tajines. Usually small shops cook their Tajine outside, so if the smell doesn't reach you, just look for a seen like this one below:

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The dish is sweet and salty usually served with boiled eggs and amends. If available, ask for frensh fries, they just work so well with this dish. Tajine stays hot for rather a long time so you might want to be careful around it.

2. Chicken tagine with preserved lemons and olives

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Also, an other classic that I doubt someone will not like. It's chicken cooked on slow fire with onions, preserved lemons and olives, usually it's served with french fries.

3. Vegetables Tajine

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It's mix of well spiced vegetables cooked on slow heat. Even if you don't like vegetable, trust me just go for it, chances are you will like it. The upside is most restaurants don't make only vegetables Tajine but you can find vegetable tajine with either meat or chicken which still tastes nice.

4. Beef or lamb tajine with peas and artichoke

Great combination of meat, peas and artichoke. This dish might be hard to find all around the year because the artichokes are seasonal.

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5. Meet ball with tomato sauce and eggs

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Simplicity always win, you have to try this. It doesn't look so great nor does it sound fancy but wait until you taste it.

There are of course many other types of fish Tagine however I always hated fish so I can be of any help.

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