Mukteshwar - The cliff point

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Dreaming high.
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Mukteshwar is  around 350 kms from New Delhi. As per me the best time to go is clearly monsoon as the forest road looks amazingly dense and clean and green and CLOUDY. Clouds make the road amazingly beautiful and automatically air becomes so fresh. I loved the road to Mukteshwar because no traffic, no pollution, wet and clean.There are two routes to the town. I stayed at kosi so took the route from there and came back via Nainital way. There is this famous temple in Mukteshwar where you will have to face the traffic of cabs and personal vehicles as there is no parking system. Anyways depends on personal choice whether to take a short hike for the temple OR more interesting would be just beside the temple gate there goes a path downhill and take that. Photo of Mukteshwar - The cliff point 4/4 by muculica amra

Trust me you won't be disappointed :)

If you are staying in Mukteshwar then would recommend to go early morning with obviously less people around and you can have your own moment with the nature. 

I feel Mukteshwar is a place where you can go with your family and spend some quality time.

So this takes you to the best part of Mukteshwar. Since the path is perfectly cemented any age group person should definitely walk on this and not avoid it at any cost. It was raining whole day so the weather was obviously good and then after a walk of 15-20 mins the place was there.
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The clouds were all over the place and me and giving a heavenly view and all i could see was white background which will be very much visible in the pictures. All the adventurous souls will love this place. Since no adventure is ever comfortable, so you have to take that step and stand near the end of the cliff and if this scares you then at least sit down with legs hanging (no don't take that too practically, just BE SAFE). 
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Its a tourist spot now so there were "tourists" all over but still you will manage to choose "Your Spot" because there are many cliffs of various sizes. And you can see almost the complete Nainital and Kumaon hills, thats what i was told but i couldn't see anything except white :)
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But, I just don't regret any bit. 
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The closest was this. TIP: Just do not look down from here.
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FYI: All the maggi lovers there is a maggi point up there so you can enjoy that.

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