Best places to Explore in Mumbai


Mumbai is a chaotic place and yet one can find order in this city. There are many historic sites from ancient India to Colonial era to see in Mumbai. It is a vibrant city that is always bustling with activity with hundreds of people rushing from one place to another. This is a city that never sleeps. Visiting Mumbai from Ahmadabad is easy with several budgeted Ahmedabad to Mumbai flights operational every day of the week.

Historic sightings

Take a tour of Mumbai starting with The Gateway of India which is a colonial monument built during the British rule. On this water edge attraction is also the 7 star hotel Taj which is a magnificent structure erected during the British rule. Continue your odyssey by looking at the Gothic Revival architecture in the various edifices of Mumbai.


The Prince Wales Museum is an interesting place to stop by and there are many displays worth seeing like ancient Indian art, many pieces of sculptures and a lot of natural history to explore.

The Sea view

Take a trip around Marine Drive also known as Queen’s necklace. This is the best place to spot the famous Bollywood stars and all the wealthy people of the city. Sit on the balusters and enjoy the sea view in Marine Drive. Taste the amazing street food along the drive. From here Nariman Point is very close which the most expensive real estate in entire India is. The stock exchange and many important businesses are located here. But it is interesting to walk along the streets of Nariman Point and reach Colaba for lunch eventually.

Pilgrimage in Mumbai

Visit the famous Mahalakshmi temple, Haji Ali by the sea and the famous Sidhi Vinayak temple of Mumbai. There are some beliefs in Mumbai about these temples. People who visit Sidhi Vinayak temple never go empty handed and their wishes are definitely fulfilled. If the sea level reaches the tip of Mahalakshmi temple then the world will sink into gloom, and Haji Ali Dargah can take away all your worries if visited. They also say that a person never goes hungry in Mumbai and this city is built for success.

Coffee and more

Proceed to Breach Candy a posh area that has several high-class restaurants and always bustling with young college crowd. There are some really good patisseries here like the Croissants place and the bakers paradise.

Visit the Chatrapaji Shivaji Station which was earlier called Victoria Terminus and Churchgate. One should not miss the famous coffee of India Coffee House which is probably the oldest coffee shops in India.


Mumbai in a nutshell is like New York City in America. This is the financial capital of India. Mumbai has been through a lot of terrorist attacks and difficulties over a period of time. The city still springs back to life within hours and it never ceases to stop. To visit Mumbai check the air ticket booking options online or through a travel agent.