Rappelling Rush Near Mumbai

Photo of Rappelling Rush Near Mumbai 1/20 by Neelam Saini
Small temple nestled amiss Sahyadris
Photo of Rappelling Rush Near Mumbai 2/20 by Neelam Saini
The view of the Sahyadris.
Photo of Rappelling Rush Near Mumbai 3/20 by Neelam Saini
My fellow friends posing along with the massive mountains behind them
Photo of Rappelling Rush Near Mumbai 4/20 by Neelam Saini
Jus b4 we hit the gate !!!
Photo of Rappelling Rush Near Mumbai 5/20 by Neelam Saini
Our breakfast joint
Photo of Rappelling Rush Near Mumbai 6/20 by Neelam Saini
A weird looking mountain
Photo of Rappelling Rush Near Mumbai 7/20 by Neelam Saini
A crazy pic captured and beautifully edited
Photo of Rappelling Rush Near Mumbai 8/20 by Neelam Saini
The pristine water of the Waterfall.
Photo of Rappelling Rush Near Mumbai 9/20 by Neelam Saini
The pond at the 2nd last base where we took a dip
Photo of Rappelling Rush Near Mumbai 10/20 by Neelam Saini
Commando Rappelling by the Experts
Photo of Rappelling Rush Near Mumbai 11/20 by Neelam Saini
Commando Rappelling by the Experts
Photo of Rappelling Rush Near Mumbai 12/20 by Neelam Saini
A group picture on the 2nd Day.
Photo of Rappelling Rush Near Mumbai 13/20 by Neelam Saini
My lovely adventure buddies
Photo of Rappelling Rush Near Mumbai 14/20 by Neelam Saini
Uno time in the evening.
Photo of Rappelling Rush Near Mumbai 15/20 by Neelam Saini
The Beautiful Sunset
Photo of Rappelling Rush Near Mumbai 16/20 by Neelam Saini
Sunset from the cliff we camped
Photo of Rappelling Rush Near Mumbai 17/20 by Neelam Saini
Daring to take a tip, but not so courageous :)
Photo of Rappelling Rush Near Mumbai 18/20 by Neelam Saini
The Adventurous Me
Photo of Rappelling Rush Near Mumbai 19/20 by Neelam Saini
Here we go !! Rappelling the first patch
Photo of Rappelling Rush Near Mumbai 20/20 by Neelam Saini
Me striking a pose



All I had to mention about this adventure is mentioned above in those bullet points.
This place according to me is unexplored and adventurous. I have been to this place twice in two years however I have failed to see any other group even during the time of the season. I don't know how people have missed this beautiful spot which is so secluded, so beautiful and so heavenly that every moment feels cherished. Hence I am sharing with you, as to what's in store.

This place isn't very far from Mumbai in fact it's just a 4 to 5 hours drive close to 250 to 300 km. Basically the idea is to leave late evening on a Friday, let's say around 10 pm and reach the base village by four in the morning, sleep for sometime in your sleeping bag or a cosy truck parked near the base village or open area of the village temple. For Breakfast relish some Maharashtrian Kanda poha, while enjoying the site of village kids going to school or the village ladies starting their day chores. Post breakfast start onward to a very short walk to the rappelling point. 
There are five rappels to this point, the first day you complete 2 rappels : one of which is a 200 ft free fall, post this we camp at the plateau where you get access to the beautiful waterfall flowing from some 500 feet above and falling into a cave type formation. The water is so clear that base can be clearly seen. The water is absolutely chilled and taking a bath is not for the weak hearted.

Another beautiful sight you shouldn't miss is the amazing sunset. What makes this sunset amazing is the balcony seat, you are camping at the cliff of the mountain, not very close to the cliff but yes some 30-40 steps away. (Yes its that close !! Rushing Adrenaline, isn't it ?) The sunset with a glass of garam chai along with a whole lot of food my Gujju friends carried was sheer bliss.

When the sun goes down you have a whole lot of other activities to indulge in, first of all the serendipity of this place leaves you so calm and happy. To top it you can spend some quality time with your buddies playing Uno, Chinese whispers, Police Theif chit game, Taboo etc. Here I made a lot of new friends which was the best part of spending the evening- knowing more people. You can also help the cooks by cutting veggies or speak to them on other adventures activities they do.

The dinner is served at 7:30-8 in the evening when you just need it, the pleasure of eating Pulav cooked on wood is nothing compared to what we eat in the fancy restaurants. The night accompanies you with a group of Musicians singing songs from late 80s on a mouth organ, next to a bon fire created to keep us warm from the cold outside and especially winds bringing droplets of water from the fall to tickle our necks :)

Finally I moved my self to enter my ever comforting sleeping bag from all the coldness around. The moment I lay down on the rocky patch, the sight above me makes me speechless. The sky is a dotted sheet of white stars and the beautiful grey moon. The mountains around created an aura of a protective mother, by making a semi circle shell around us. It almost gave the feeling that we were placed inside a telescope watching the layers and layers of stars above us. Nothing else but the beautiful sight makes me dream high and a trudge myself to a beautiful sleep to welcome another lovely adventurous day tomorrow.

The next day is a day equipped with 3 more rappels, a dip in a 40 ft pond at the 2nd last base, and some serious action in the form of Commando rappelling by the experts :)

Finally we reach the base and gape at the beauty of this majestic valley we have jus descended. There is a 2 hr trek to the village called Thitbi where a sumptuous lunch at the house of the local is waiting for us :). We have our lunch relishing every morcel, while chatting with the villagers and laughing at their silly jokes.

Finally its time to bid adieu to this location and head back to the city of crowds. While leaving the only though I have is Sahyadris are the prestigious treasure gifted to Mumbai by Mamma nature.

Since the rappelling activity requires strict expertise guidance, it is very much necessary that you go for the same with a very experienced and safe group. For me the activity was arrange by the "The Backpacker's Trails" in Dec'15. I have mentioned their FB page at the bottom.

In case of any other questions please let me know and I shall be very happy to help.