Mesmerizing Mysore



YES, without a single thought!


To adorn your travelogue with the beautiful colors of Mysore. This culturally rich, naturally beautiful, and squeaky clean city has everything a traveler wish for.

Karnataka's third largest and second most populated city located at the foot of Chamundi Hills, Mysore is the cultural capital of the state.

Visit the city to taste the perfect blend of nature, culture, history, and contemporary India. Where this city has iconic heritage monument- Mysore Palace, the well-known Brindavan Garden, the ages-old Chamudeshwari Temple, you will get the chance to experience the modish Mysore as well. The trendy oppidan hash houses, bars, restaurants, and Malls will give you enough space to chill and relax.

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Mysore Palace: Roll down the alley of history while exploring this Indo-Saracenic masterpiece. The palace is a perfect amalgamation of Indian, Mughal, and Gothic artwork. Capture the beauty of the palace in the daylight and do not miss to witness the captivating night view of the palace. Complete your visit with the light and sound program between 7 - 7:45 pm, except Sunday and public holidays.

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Brindavan garden: The garden is located 12-13 km from the heart of the city adjoining Krishanarajasagara Dam. Developed in 1932 this garden was one of the most treasured gardens of the Indian cinema. Many Bollywood songs have been shot here including big names like Padosan, Raja Hindustani, Tezaab, and many more. The garden is huge covering 150 acres of land. It is beautifully designed with water fountains, Ficus trees, and flowering plants. The garden is set to open for the visitors at 6 am and is closed by 8 pm. However, you the option to see the fountain show, but personally I didn't find the show very entertaining. Pay the entry fees Rs. 15 for adults and Rs.5 for kids to check-in the garden.

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Chamundi Hills: Make your trip to Chamundi Hills at the dawn. It is the best time to witness the picturesque sunrise and capture the glowing view of sun-bathed Mysore. Then make your way up to the old Chamundeshwari Temple. Caution: Beware of annoying monkeys.

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Mysore Zoo: One of the oldest and most popular zoos of India, Mysore Zoo is located near the Mysore Palace. Opened in 1892 the zoo is now home to 1450 specimen from 168 species. White Tiger, The Bengal Tiger, Leopard, Cheetah, Lion, White Peacock, Bear, Ostrich, Giraffe, Deer and Antelopes, Large Mammals, Reptile, Birds, etc. this zoo has several different species of animals. Pay Rs. 60 for adults and Rs.30 for kids on weekdays and on holidays it shoots up to Rs. 80 and Rs.40 respectively.

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Infosys Campus: Well not everyone gets the opportunity to see this beautiful piece of modern architecture. Those who have any relative or friend employed at Infosys are fortunate to explore one of the best corporate campuses in the country. I will personally suggest you contact Infosys friend or cousin or person in known and arrange your visit to the campus. It will be worth your effort. The campus is open for visitors on Weekend only. Keep a day spare for this visit cause this is a huge one spread over 350 acres. Wear sunscreen, get your sunglasses on, wear casual clothing, and enjoy the serenity of this picturesque place.

Cauvery Handicrafts Emporium: The best and authentic place to collect souvenir for your loved ones. The emporium is regulated by the Karnataka State Handicrafts Development Corporation. This fixed price store has exquisitely carved sandalwood figurines, metal crafts, bidriware, authentic silver jewelry, pure silk scarves, and many more beautiful articles. The best part is the versatile price range of the items. You can get super affordable and the high-end budget items, both.

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Mylari Dosa Corner: GOSH, you cannot miss this one...No-no-no Not at all. The-MOST-Flavoursome-Mouthwatering-Fingerlicking DOSA ever. I recommend everyone out there to get the divine taste of Mylari Dosa at least once in their lifetime. I feel sorry for those who missed out this one. This does not taste anything like the regular dosa you have ever tasted. I request all the travelers who are planning to visit Mysore to please step into the Hotel Vinayaka Mylari, Nazarbad Main Road and taste the King of all Dosas. Also, their breakfast idli and coffee are an added bonus. Don't miss out on this one, your tour to Mysore is incomplete without the taste of MYLARI DOSA.

I hope this information will be useful for someone out there. Meanwhile, Keep Travelling, Stay Safe, and Be Happy!