Mardi Himal Trek


One of the best thing to do in Nepal when visiting the country is to try the many amazing Travel and Treks that it has to offer. And one of the favorable and amazing place to trek in the country is the Mardi Himal Trek. It is one of the short trek in Nepal to try. Mainly it goes on for about 5 days or more. The trek is also famous locally and many Nepalese also try the trek for a quality time. The 5,587-meter peak is located beneath the famous known mountain Machapuchare in the Annapurna region. The trekking spot was recently opened for trekking services and declared as a trekking peak by the Government itself. The trek is about 49 km in distance and about a 6-7 hours walk daily. So, it can be a tiresome and challenging factor for those who haven't experienced trekking before.

Photo of Mardi Himal Trek 1/4 by Bijay Shrestha
Couple enjoying the majestic mountain view

This trek is a short trek but with a high altitude. Well worth a trekking place of Nepal. The trek starts from Pokhara to Kande with an hour drive and the real journey starts from there. The Mardi Himal Trek will give you the view of different majestic peaks like Mt. Annapurna, Mt. Dhaulagiri, Mt. Manaslu, Mt. Machapuchare and of course the Mardi Himal too. The Trek shall be done in its best time from Mid September to Early December, also the best time for trekking in other places in Nepal. The place is the best place for the photogenic people because it gives you the best picture that will be a wow memory of the trip. The trek stays along the ridge as we rise the altitude with many different amazing things to encounter on the path. There are Rhododendron covered forests path, the insanely unique villages and also its friendly locals. Kande, Pothana, Siding, Deurali are some villages you will get to encounter throughout the trip. The locals are one of the best you will get to interact in these villages.

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Mardi Himal Trek

For a little itinerary Knowledge if you ask then,

First Day:

You will be driving from Pokhara to Kande and hike towards Deurali which is at 2,232-meters. It's a halt for the day when you reach there.

Second Day:

The next day will be a hike towards the Forest Camp about 2,600-meter high. The place that I was talking about before, Rhododendron covered forest. That's a second-day place where you'll be spending the night.

Third Day:

The very next day you'll be walking to the Low camp of the Mardi Himal Trek at an altitude of 2,950-meters. The hike may take up to 3-4 hrs and You will be resting for the day there.

Fourth Day:

The next day is a short hike towards the High camp at 3,550-meters. The high camp will give the closest feel to the mountains in the Annapurna region. You will see the clouds beneath you and all the snowcapped mountains near you.

Fifth Day:

After you rest for the day you begin the exploration of the Trek. The Day will give you the most difficult and Tiring hike of the whole trip with at least a 7 hrs hike towards the main destination at an altitude of 4,500-meters.

After reaching the spot you will be proud of yourself and feel the immense joy that the amazing nature will offer you. And after the ending day, you will begin the downhill journey and reach the beginning of the trek concluding your trek with a memory you will never forget in your lifetime.

Photo of Mardi Himal Trek 3/4 by Bijay Shrestha
View encountered during the Trek

Even if the Mardi Himal Trek is a short trek of the Country, the majestic view it contains will leave a memorable print in your heart. You will get to experience a different world on the trek. And there are many of these worlds in the Country that you can visit. But will recommend this Trek during your visit. You can try the trek without a Guide too but will highly advise you to visit the place through a Satisfactory Travel Agency in Nepal that can meet up to your expectations.

Photo of Mardi Himal Trek 4/4 by Bijay Shrestha
Yak Posing for the Pic.

Note of advice: When you try the Trek, beware of your actions on the trip. A small injury can create a problematic scene for you on the trip. And also be ready beforehand for any kind of situation you might have to deal with like Foods, Waters, Stay and others.

Last but not least Would like to encourage the peoples searching to Travel and Trek a mesmerizing place in the world, Visit Nepal and Discover the most beautiful place on planet Earth.