Bada Darwaza at Purana Qila

13th Oct 2018

This beautiful and strong fort, situated next to Zoological Garden, is rich in history and is a good specimen of architecture and culture of times of Mughal ruler Humayun and Sher Shah Sur. Humayun started building this fort and lost it to Sher Shah who added to its splendor and defence This was recaptured by Humayun who in turn died here from a fall from the stairs of Sher Mandal.

It is better to start seeing this fort by walking to the front of Talaqi Darwaza which one can reach by the side of the lake outside the fort. Inside the fort, the Bada Darwaza, Qila-i-Kuhna Masjid, in terms of its architecture and extensive use of marble, both black and white and sandstone, Sher Mandal, Hamaam or Royal Bath, archeological excavations of artifacts going back to Mahabharat times, Humayun Darwaza, Baoli or Stepwell and inside of Talaaqi Darwaza are main attractions.

In the evenings, a brilliant light and sound show, Ishq-i-Dilli is held on the lawns of the fort.

While going out of the fort, across the road, one can see Khair-ul-Masjid and Lal Darwaza, the contemporary structures.

All in all, a beautiful fort to visit with lots of history and architecture.