My Metrotastic Delhi travelogue: Part 2


Next day was equally exciting as I had decided to meet my college friends working in Delhi. Since, Saturday is a luxury after a week of hard work, asking them to accompany me in my early morning shenanigans felt a little selfish.

So after deciding on my itinerary for the next day I was all ready for an early morning treat to Safardarjung tomb. An hour long blue line drive and I was at the bustling Rajiv Chowk. From there I routed to Yellow Line and had decided to get down at the Jorbagh stop. The Safdarjung Tomb is 1 minute or less walking distance from Jorbagh Metro stop. And believe me, an early morning visit will do you good. With a nominal entry fee you can enjoy the beauty of this monument and beautiful campus.

Photo of Safdarjung Tomb, New Delhi, Delhi, India by Manu
Photo of Humayun's Tomb, Nizamuddin, Nizamuddin West, New Delhi, Delhi, India by Manu

Ugrasen ki Baoli

Photo of Ugrasen ki Baoli, New Delhi, Delhi, India by Manu

After spending an hour at this peaceful site, I took the magic metro- thanks to the budget/timely travel. From the present point metro I went back to Central Secretariat and hopped to Purple Line where I got out at JLN Stadium. Since I was waiting for my friend to join me I had ample time to view and adore the wall designs within this metro station, which mainly display different sports and related tile designs.

Humayun tomb is a bus ride away from the station. It is a garden tomb built by Humayun's wife Bega Begum. It is said that Taj Mahal was an inspiration from this structural marvel. It is a beautiful campus just to stroll around or sit and relax. The area also has several smaller tomb complexes including one of the royal barber to Humayun- OMG.

Barber's tomb- Those Good Old days

Photo of My Metrotastic Delhi travelogue: Part 2 by Manu

This is a great spot to sit down and have deep meaningful conversation or may be a picnic (just do not dirty the grounds). An hour of this serene and breezy moment I made a move to Hazrat Nizamuddin Dargah. A minute or more from the tomb. Traffic is like hell so be little careful.

Dargah is a sacred place.It has witnessed people from all faith coming in. Known for the soulful qawali's (which I am checking in my next visit) it is a place to where chaotic mind can get a well deserved intermission and clarity .

But beware of the vendors on the way to the dargah, which is a long walk inside ( PS- do not leave your slippers at the beginning of the road itself as the hawkers would suggest, it is a longggggggggggg walk). But on your way out you can always have a good haggle over perfume and other simple goodies.

From here we went to Connaught place via yellow line-Patel chowk metro and it was buzzing busy. The road side was not just a side but this huge arena filled with local fashion guru's trying to coax maximum from the delhi school/college kids. It was like a mass maha kumbh gathering, where people were taking dip in the Everest pile of fashion or as you may say.

A delicious chicken later I went to visit my 1st baoli ever- Ugrasen ki baoli/ a stepwell. I had never expected something so beautiful hidden amidst the overcrowded life of Delhi. You may not get your Amir Khan movie moment but it is a cool place to hangout and add in your digital memory.