Move Over Iceland, A Trip To Faroe Islands Is Zooming Right Into Our Bucket Lists!


Faroe Islands, the archipelago of 18 islands, belonging to Denmark, located right between the Norwegian Sea and North Atlantic are home to some of the world's most enchanting landscapes, lakes, and waterfalls. In fact, sights at the Faroe Islands are so majestic that you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into paradise. So here's a guide to Faroe Islands and the places that you must visit!

Photo of Sørvágsvatn, Faroe Islands by Saumiabee

Located in Vágar island, Sørvágsvatn, commonly referred to as The Cliff Lake, is the island's largest and most majestic lake. Technically, Sørvágsvatn is not a lake, however, the cliff is formed in such a way that it creates an optical illusion of a lake underneath which the ocean flows. It actually looks like an enchanting double-decker lake! You can hike around the lake to the cliff up till the Bøsdalafossur waterfall which serves as an outlet to Sørvágsvatn.

Distance from Vaga Airport: 1hr 15 mins.

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Photo of Mulafossur Waterfall, Faroe Islands by Saumiabee

Located in Vágar island, the Múlafossur waterfall is another breathtaking sight, flowing right off lush green highlands of villages Bøur and Gásadalur. Just the thought of standing at the edge of the island and watching the ocean stretch as far as you can see, while the thunderous waterfall adds the perfect background score, makes us want to go to Faroe Islands right now!

Distance: Múlafossur waterfall is only a 25 minute drive from Sørvágsvatn.

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Photo of Drangarnir, Faroe Islands by Saumiabee

Drangarnir is this brilliant rock stack that lies between the islet Tindhólmur and island Vágar. This location hasn't been explored too much since it was only recently discovered, however, it is already famous for its sunset views. One can hike here from Vágar islands, starting from the Sørvágur harbour, on the south side of Sørvágsfjørður.

Distance: It's a 2 hour hike from Vágar islands.

Image Credit: Arne List

Photo of Tindhólmur, Faroe Islands by Saumiabee

On the same hike, there's Tindhólmur, located right behind the Drangarnir. It is a massive rock-face which will blow you away with its enormity. If you get the opportunity to take a ferry ride right up to the rock-face, you will discover mysterious, strange rock formations that are rumoured to have been created by volcanic activities decades ago. You'll witness beautifully coloured stones at the shore and can take a dip in the mystic bathtubs that are filled with warm water.

Image Credit: Pennyart522

Photo of Gjogv, Faroe Islands by Saumiabee

The famous harbour of Gjogv is located in the island of Eysturoy, forming a beautiful gorge that is a sight to behold. This gorge attracts many as it is serves as a photographer's delight, and is loved for hiking by the ocean and known for witnessing the Northern Lights! Yes, you read it right.

Distance: Located only an hour's drive from Vágar.

Best Time To Visit the Island:

July-August is the best time to visit Faroe Islands as this is the time when monsoon is over, so the ocean is roaring and the islands are lush with greenery. The end of July observes Ólavsøka, a local festival that is celebrated with traditional music and dance which will help you get in touch with local culture.

How To Get Here:

The only way to reach the islands is by air. Although you can take a flight from New Delhi straight up to Faroese: Vága Floghavn which is the airport at Vágar, these flight are extremely expensive, and can cost you more than ₹1.5 lakh, one way! Here is the cheapest way to reach the Faroe Islands:

Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi–Copenhagen Airport, Copenhagen: ₹22,000 (approximately). There are numerous flights like Air India and Jet Airways that fly between these two airports on a daily basis. You can then take Scandinavian Airlines from Copenhagen Airport, Copenhagen–Faroese: Vága Floghavn, Vágar which will cost you only about ₹12,000. Total cost of travel New Delhi-Faroe Islands will roughly cost you about ₹44,000, one way.

So if you believe that you've discovered Europe enough, it's time to think again and plan a trip to this wonderland called Faroe Islands!

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