Faroe Islands - The Last Paradise on Earth 

1st Jan 2018

Still, don'f feel like coming here...?

Photo of Faroe Islands - The Last Paradise on Earth by Karim S A

How on earth did I discover Faroe Islands...?

The far-off places have always fascinated me, as a child. Last Saturday, as I was watching a program on Luxe TV "Asian Women Looking For Love in the Faroe Islands", I could not contain my curiosity to google this place to know exactly where on earth it is. Go watch some 4K programs on Faroe Islands, and if you don't fall in love with this place, do some soul search, it needs some repair!

Tucked between Norway and Iceland, lies this last paradise on earth - the archipelago of islands called the Faroe Islands. Windy, wet, cool, cloudy, beautiful and dreamy.

These islands are an autonomous country within the Kingdom of Denmark, with a population of just 50,030. Interestingly, this island is also called the "Island of the Sheep" because there are double the number of sheep here than people. On an average, there are two sheep for every human here.

This archipelago consists of 18 islands all interconnected with bridges and tunnels. Atlantic Airways provides helicopter service to the islands and there is no railway network here. Vagar Airport is the only airport available in the islands which is connected with international flights.

Sandoy and Suouroy are the main large islands which are connected through tunnels.

One look at any picture of these islands, will surely make you fall in love with its natural beauty of islands, waterfalls, and the ocean. The green mountains and the meadows, the pastures and the grazing sheep, all are so idyllic.

It looks straight from a chapter of a dreamy novel - and you would want to just go there and settle.

How does one reach these islands from India? The big question that pops up immediately to anyone's mind, right?

You have flights from Mumbai, New Delhi and Bengaluru, the cheapest flight is from Mumbai. Flight hours vary from 20.00 Hrs to 30 Hrs depending upon the layovers. Go, check-in for this dream vacation.

The first flight of Lufthansa takes you from Mumbai to Munich with a layover at Munich.

Hop into your next flight SAS from Munich to Copenhagen , another layover at Copenhagen.

The third and the final leg of our journey is, again a SAS flight which takes you to the Faroe Island from Copenhagen.

Mutton lovers, this is the food paradise for you. Like I said, in the earlier paragraph, there are more sheep here than human beings. So naturally, the staple food here is fish and sheep mutton - in all its varieties - sun dried to semi dried to fresh mutton. Relish the cuisine of these islands.

Accommodation ranges from INR 9000/- a night in various hotels like Hotel Foroyer, Hotel Torshavn and Hotel Streyn etc.

I told you about how to reach here, what to eat and where to stay, but what should you see when you reach Faroe Islands? The Big Question.

Vagar Island has beautiful lakes, hiking trails, mesmerizing waterfalls and walking trails. It's like living in the Paradise on Earth.

Streymoy is famous for backpacking and hiking. Go solo or with friends.

Go to Mykines for puffin watching, sit idle by the lighthouse and have some 'me" time, indulge in some bird watching, go hiking and walking along the lush green meadows of these wonderful islands.

Do some island hopping through the tunnels piercing through the mountains, and feel mesmerized with the beauty of the gushing milk-white waterfalls, falling from the mountains into the ocean below.

Even if I use the entire dictionary to describe the beauty of these islands, I know, I still won't be able to do justice in beautifying through the flow of my words, the beauty of these Islands!

Watch some YouTube videos of these lovely islands which will tempt you into booking your tickets right now.

Let the flight of your imaginations land you here on the Faroe Islands - Go explore!

"Paradise isn't a Place; It's a Feeling" - L Boyer

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