Solo Travel

Photo of Solo Travel by Sukhda Gupta

Solo travel

I often get asked; how do you travel alone?

Don’t you get bored?

Don’t you feel it’s unsafe for a girl to be traveling alone?

Well, I also used to think and have so many doubts myself about it until I took the plunge.

So, instead of staying home and waiting for someone to come along to go on a travel with, these few tips for solo travel can give you the confidence boost you might be looking for.

I got mine from a friend and have never looked back.

1/ Plan in advance - book ahead - flights; hotels; etc.. and plan the itinerary.

In case you are not micro level planner, still do the macro level, it keeps the structure in place and you can do things around it.

2/ Book your stay somewhere with positive ratings and reviews by multiple travelers from different part of the world. Or go with the hostel or dormitory kind of set up to Stay at if you are up to for it.

3/ Use local transport to travel within a city and not go around in a taxi or a cab. It gives you the chance to experience the place; people and let you feel the vibes of that place

4/ Meet and interact with other travelers.

Another way to break up the monotony of solo travel is to meet other travelers.

Join a community for a volunteer work or stay with locals to meet other travelers

Couch surfing and Tripoto and Meetup can help you find something local that is happening in town.

5/ Spend time with yourself. Read. Write. Draw. Play. Think.

It feels good to be with yourself.

6/ Go for a walk and click pictures, have a drink or a coffee. There is nothing like discovering a city on foot.

7/ Leave a copy of your Travel Itinerary with friends and family and always keep the emergency numbers handy with you or on speed dial.

Let your wanderlust be free!!!!

Photo of Delhi, India by Sukhda Gupta