Ukraine Is Offering A Visa-On-Arrival To Indians, Here's How To Make The Best Of It


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Ukraine, the largest country in Europe, has a vivid history and rich culture. Sitting at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, it is a patchwork of traditions. And despite its architectural, cultural and natural brilliance, it is largely unexplored, making it an ideal destination for travellers seeking authentic experiences. Its cities house quaint plazas, Soviet-era buildings, World War-era Jewish neighbourhoods, modern high-rises, Crimean Tatar cafes and traditional restaurants serving home-cooked food.

For outdoor lovers, there are the mighty Carpathian Mountains in the west, the Black Sea in the south and the Danube and Dnipro rivers in between. You can go hiking, camping and mountain biking in the Carpathian or head to the Black Sea for beach parties and water sports. The Danube and Dnipro Rivers provide prime opportunities for wildlife spotting, and Ukraine's countryside will introduce you to a culture and lifestyle little known even to most Ukrainians. Travelling in Ukraine will give you unmatched experiences.


Ukraine recently announced a tourist visa on arrival (single entry) for Indian citizens, making it the first European country to do so. Ukraine tourist visa on arrival can be obtained at Boryspil, Kyiv and Odesa International Airports for ₹6,100 (2550 Ukrainian Hryvnia) and is valid for 15 days.

For Ukraine visa on arrival requirements please check here.

Why travel to Ukraine

Here's why you should travel to this stunning country:

Lviv is a Bohemian dream come alive. You will be possessed by its laid-back Old World vibe and the friendly locals will merrily take you to one of the many charming cafes and bars in this cultural capital of Ukraine. Walk the narrow medieval cobblestone streets in the UNESCO-recognised Old Town and gaze at the architectural marvels painstakingly built by Galicia-Volyn, Austro-Hungarian and Polish empires.

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Start at the Rynok Square, the heart of Lviv for 500 years; next up, visit the medieval Bernardine Monastery designed following Renaissance, Mannerism and Baroque styles; for another Renaissance monument, head to the impressive Italian Courtyard built in 1580; end your day exploring Virmenska Street, home of the Armenian community with its unique culture and architecture.

Where to stay

Eco Hostel Drova (₹180 dorm bed), Hotel Plazma (₹1,689 double). For more options, check here.

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Photo of Odessa, Ukraine by Varun Suchday

Pearl of the Black Sea. The name itself is intriguing and the city of Odessa justifies it. Ukrainians rush to Odessa for its mild climate, topaz waters, boisterous parties and . . .

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