Counting Castles and Churches in Slovakia

Photo of Counting Castles and Churches in Slovakia by Unshod Rover

Every visit inside a castle or church is an entrance into the history of a city, of a country, of a people; more so, it's a journey at the core of what makes us different from each other, and what unites us as human beings.

Every door, every step, every secret passage, every dark corner gives us a deeper glimpse into the deeper recesses of the human spirit.

Slovakia is a small country in the heart of Europe, surrounded by more known countries such as Austria, Hungary, Poland, even Czech, it's sister republic. But, it is a nation blessed with simple, dignified people, some may still be suffering the consequences of a dark past a generation ago, some fortunately live on the hope and promise following a peaceful revolution this time around.

In all these passages, Slovakia has a cityscape and a countryside accentuated by reminders of its history, yesterday and the one it is enjoying now.