Koraput Diaries

Day 1

Hi, Damonjodi, Koraput. Feels good to back to you.

Photo of Ash Pond, National Aluminium Company Ltd, NALCO, Odisha, India by Chinmay Singh

Last time I been to this place in the month of July 2018. It was raining. now I am back here in the month of summer. Everything seems to be crystal clear except these skies and you can see the reason, why.

This is one of the viewpoints of this place, it is about 2 km from the township and nearer if you travel through the back gate of the township. Exactly, don't know about the elevation but height enough you can see the whole refinery area of the NALCO plant.

I found this very place interesting & perfect to summon of some of the landscape editing which I have been doing last night, exhausted. So, I need some refreshment and here I am with this dusty, yet beautiful panoramic view through my eyes

Day 2

Sunabeda, residence to the people employee at the HAL (Hindustan Aeronautics Limited), widely known. But many miss out the point that its comes under district, Koraput, which means heaven for nature lover. Apart from the hilly areas which is engulfed by the company, there are many sunset points where you can enjoy the sunset, refreshing your mind or photographing against beautiful background.

Above in the picture you are looking at is opposite to sunset point where a bridge is connecting to the Sunabeda. A lesser known spot to enjoy the sunset. We chase down in car from Damanjodi (14 km from sunset point)via. Similiguda, in hope we would reach the place before sun goes down completely. Luckily, we didn't.

Except month of Rainy, the best time to enjoy this place is months of Summer and Winter. Because in month of Rainy this area flooded with river water.

Luckily i am here at the month of Summer enjoying this beautiful view after sunset and because of friends house at neighbouring township i didn't have to pay anything for travel. So, if someone wants to travel to this place find someone who is residence at this place whole travel will lot get easier than you think.

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