Away from Home This Independence Day? Here Are Some Ways You Can Discover India Abroad!


"Home is where the heart is" and my heart will always be in India, no matter which part of the world I run off to explore. Living in France, in a completely different continent with a culture so different from ours, I often yearned for a piece of India. I found my little moments of Indian-ness as I dressed up in a saree or celebrated Diwali with with my lovely french host family. I'm sure there are many of you who feel exactly like me.

So, as we approach the 75th year of Indian Independence and celebrate India's culture, people and beauty, here are some places where you can discover a little bit of India away from home!

Little India in Singapore


Photo of Little India, Singapore by Prageet Goel

Located east of the Singapore River, across from Chinatown, Little India in Singapore is an ode to India's vibrance and colours. Locals as well as tourist enjoy frequenting this historic area that shows off the best of Singapore’s Indian community. Buzzing with desi restaurants and stores, you'll definitely find a piece of home here! On top of that, it makes for a pretty great instagram backdrop!

Passage Brady in Paris


Photo of Passage Brady, Paris by Prageet Goel

Paris isn't just the city of love and light, it's also one of the city with a lovely Indian community and I'm sure talking a stroll in Passage Brody will surely take your homesickness away. Passage Brady is one of two iron-and-glass covered arcades in the 10th arrondissement. It is full of some amazing Indian restaurants for you to try along with hairdressers and Indian fabric shops. It's one of the most exotic passages of Paris, rich in delightful spicy aromas and colours.

Gandhi Statue in Strasbourg


Photo of Parc de l'Étoile, Strasbourg by Prageet Goel

I came across this Gandhi statue in Strasbourg by chance as I reached Parc d'étoiles to catch a bus. Who knew there was a piece of India in the European capital of Strasbourg! This statue of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, was in fact a donated by the Government of India to the city of Strasbourg on 2nd October 2011. Looking at it is bound to make you feel patriotic in the moment.

Bollywood Parks in Dubai


Photo of BollywoodParks™ Dubai, Dubai by Prageet Goel

Are you even Indian if at least a little bit of Bollywood doesn't run in your veins? From a Lagaan cricket motion simulator to Cinemagic featuring Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, your bollywood movie buff will feel right at home here. Not just filmy attractions, but you can also savour authentic Punjabi food at the Spicy Dhaba or have a lip-smacking meal at the Jumbo Cafe for a fun and filmy day out!

The Taj Mahal Houseboat in California

(c) Flickr

Photo of Sausalito, Marin County by Prageet Goel

Does this remind you of India's most famous and loved monument, because if it does, you're right. The Taj Mahal Houseboat brings a spellbinding glimpse of the East to California. Built in mid-70s by entrepreneur Bill Harlan, after he was impressed by his visit to the actual Taj Mahal. So, if you're around, go check it out!

Golgappas and Chaat in London

(C) Tastytreats_by_za

Photo of Green Street, Greater London by Prageet Goel

The one thing I craved for the most was desi chaat and golgappas, guess London has an answer to that. You can find a variety of restaurants serving Indian snacks and food to curb all your cravings, one such place being Tasty Treats in Green Street. So, are you team sweet pani puri or spicy pani puri?

I'm sure you're ready to discover India wherever you go now, trust me you'll find a little bit of India everywhere!

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