Gopeng Museum

7th Mar 2017

The entrance of the Gopeng museum

Photo of Gopeng Museum by S Iskandar
Photo of Gopeng Museum 1/1 by S Iskandar
Day 1

The was day hot, and my skin steamed like boiled water.

But the trip to this old museum is a must if you go thru the Gopeng town - some people say.

I checked the local site to see if I can get a discount ticket, but there's none.

When I stepped in, I realized why. It's free, but donations are welcomed.

So I went and took a peek. And I was sent back in time.

Photo of Gopeng, Perak, Malaysia by S Iskandar

Nostalgias everywhere.

I checked out the old raincoats, shoes made of rattans, old rickshaw and even drank the roasted white coffee synonymous with the town.

Photo of Gopeng Museum by S Iskandar

The lunchbox is cool too. Stacked on each other, it is made of rattans again.

I imagined the tin workers eating lunch from these boxes.

Photo of Gopeng Museum by S Iskandar

And this basin where you wash your face or brush your teeth when you wake up, I think is a big luxury.

At a time when there's no pipe water, having this by your bed, is akin to live like a king.

Photo of Gopeng Museum by S Iskandar

And this is the cream of the museum. A small garden in the 3 storey house.

They say if you got a garden and good books, you got everything.

They are spot on.