Why Cambodia? Here's why!!

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When it comes to South East, most of us do not go beyond Phuket and Koh Samui. We prefer these locations due to beautiful beaches, the food, the shopping and the beauty of the city. But there's one place in south east equally beautiful but less visited by most of us. Cambodia lies on the gulf of Thailand coastline and is home to one of the most historical and ancient temples in the World. There are various international airlines flying to Cambodia. Also, the visit does not burn a hole in your pocket. My main reason for the visit to Cambodia was the ancient temple located in Siem Reap. It is the largest religious monument in the World and trust me, it looks majestic. 

It was originally a Hindu temple which was then transformed into a Buddhist temple, it is dedicated to Vishnu and is a prime attraction for visitors. The temple is named Angkor Wat which basically means the city of temples. It lies in Siem Reap and has splendid architectures as well as cultural heritage. One major cause for the fame of the temple is its decoration and construction. It has the greatest arrangement of stone carvings. 

Other than this famous temple, there is Bayon temple which features 200 stone faces looking in different directions. It is built exactly in the center of the city and is worth a visit. Koh Ker used to be Cambodia's most inaccessible temples but it has now become easy to reach the destination. Koh Ker has a large Garuda carved into the stone blocks, the temple pyramid rises high above the jungle surrounding the area. 

Cambodia is not all about temples, there is beauty wherever you turn.

The royal palace in Phnom Penh serves as the residence of the king. It serves as a major tourist attraction. Though a large part is closed for the public because it is occupied by the royal family, there are a few areas which are open for the visitors. The palace is divided into four main areas out of which the Throne hall, Moonlight pavilion, silver pagoda and khemarin palace are open for public. The silver pagoda features the royal temple which has gold and diamond studded Buddha statue. The moonlight pavilion used to be served as a open air stage for classical dance, throne hall is the area where the king and his confidants carried out their duties. It has classical Khmer style throne. The carvings are exceptional and magnificent. The palace also has various gardens where tourists can enjoy the beautiful sight of the palace.

Cambodia also has one of the most beautiful beaches but they are most often neglected. Koh Rong has one of the most gorgeous beaches you can ever imagine. The are nearly empty and covered with white sand. The lazy beach is worth a mention, it is spotless with large expanse of golden sand dominating the area. You can actually see deep pink and dark orange sunsets from this beautiful beach. Most beaches located on Koh Rong are open to public and are easy to reach. They are beautiful and clean with less public around. There is white sand, golden sand and peace.

Cambodia also has a good nightlife and shopping attractions to claim for. There are many bars, restaurants and clubs, it is advisable though to stay safe from the drugs that find their way in the nightlife along with the girls. 

Lastly, while in Cambodia you must eat the delicious khmer red curry and fish amok. These are the traditional Cambodian dishes. 

So next time when someone asks Why Cambodia! You should answer Why Not?