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Ajmer is famous for Dargah Shariff of Hazrat Khwaja Muinuddin Chishti. It is one of the holiest places of worship in India not only for the Muslims but also for the people of other faiths who hold the saint the high esteem and respect. Sufi Saint Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti, is equally respected by Muslims and Hindus.Bus driver stopped bus at the one place and asked us to take one auto to reach the Dargah Sarif. When we asked why bus is not going there directly then bus driver replied that the local authorities doesn't allow any private buses there. Auto driver took 50 rs per head. 10 minutes drive and then the auto driver left us on a narrow lane, said we could walk straight to the shrine. But looking at the crowd, I wondered if we could ever reach the shrine. I could see people from all faiths and creed here the moment I started walking towards the Dargah. There are numerous shops selling food, flowers, incense sticks, bangles. Few shopkeeper asked me to buy handkerchief, then I realized that I had to cover my head. I already had white handkerchief with me, which I used to cover my head. After making way through the crowd, I some managed to reach the Nizam gate. I had left all the belongings including my camera in the bus. Taking pictures inside the shrine is strictly prohibited.
@diti $rivastava
When you will reach Ajmer Shariff you will find out that so many people come to pray of every religion... I also gone there with the hope that he will listen me and give me what I want(I know it's lil bit selfish) But most of time we only remember God when we are in trouble or we want something....First thing I do that I will go Directly to the Dargah(Holy Place)
Shashank Sinha
Visit to Ajmer's Dargah Sharif:Ajmer Sharif Dargah is 2 kilometres (1.2 mi) away from the main central Ajmer Railway station and situated at the foot of the Taragarh hill, and consists of several white marble buildings arranged around two courtyards, including a massive gate donated by the Nizam of Hyderabad and the Akbari Mosque, built by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan
Shakti Chauhan
Ajmer is only half an hour distance from Pushkar. Ajmer is famous for Dargah of Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti. Thousands of people visit this place everyday. You can take Chaddar and flowers with you to gift it in the Mosque.Because of the crowd you won't get enough time to spend there. So feel the divinity of the gods once you enter this place.When we reached there we met one man outside the Dargah who started helping us with everything, first I thought that he is doing it for money but later he didn't asked for anything and helped us with all the things. As we have never been to the Dargah so we were not aware of the rituals they follow. He helped us with all those things. That day I realized that how we try to find bad in everything, how we stop believing that someone can be good to us without any reason. I am thankful to that man for making our visit fruitful.
I started my journey early morning. I had breakfast and a cup of tea at the roadside stall near my hotel. First stop was Ajmer dargah Sharif, 1.5KM away from railways station. I started by foot because I could also get a glimpse of this year old city and its culture. The way to dargah is narrow and was very crowed.
Aamir Wani
Asaari Sharif, Hazratbal: Located in the Hazratbal area of Srinagar, facing the famous Dal lake, this mosque is the holiest of all the shrines in Kashmir. Hazratbal mosque is locally known as Dargah. It is situated near the University of Kashmir and NIT, Srinagar Campus. The mosque derives its significance from the fact that it houses a holy hair (relic) of the Prophet Muhammad.
Garima Jain
Then to get drenched and to get connected to God, we reached The Ajmer Sharif Dargah, It is a shrine of Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti which is situated at the foot of the Taragarh hill, and consists of several white marble buildings.
Nikhil Talwar
It is a shrine of Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti which is situated at the foot of the Taragarh hill, and consists of several white marble buildings arranged around two courtyards, including a massive gate donated by the Nizam of Hyderabad, and the Akbari Mosque, built by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan and containing the domed tomb of the saint. Akbar and his queen used to come here by foot every year on pilgrimage from Agra in observance of a vow when he prayed for a son. The large pillars called "Kose ('Mile') Minars", erected at intervals of two miles (3 km) along the entire way between Agra and Ajmer mark the places where the royal pilgrims halted every day. It has been estimated that around 125,000 pilgrims visit the site every day.
1.Dargah Sharif, Ajmer -This dargah of Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti is located in Ajmer, and has a beauty of its own. There are thousands of pilgrims come every day and made more famous by the movies and the Bollywood celebrities this place is worth a visit. On the way to the dargah you will have to take a walk for approximately 10minutes to reach the main mosque, on this stretch you can find a small market which is so glittery that it is indeed a treat to the eyes. Feel the divinity of the gods once you enter this place and pray with all your heart to start your wonderful trip ahead.
Shreya Nandy
Being a city-soul I keep sacrificing a piece everyday to sustain the rat race in the heavy competitive life-ways of Mumbai. To mend whatever is left and construct a new piece I blindly believe in the curing air of a small town. And my favorite soul-clinic is the city of Ajmer housing the Holy Sufi Shrine, the Dargah of Ajmer Sharif. The place itself emanates an immense sense of peace. Once inside I soak it in and sit down to in the holy calmness to observe the place and the devotees. A little street smartness is always handy in dodging the shopkeepers inside who are keen to sell you artifacts in double or triple rates than the regular. Once outside, the bustling gullies are thronged with yummy samples of local sugar-therapy. Sohan Halwa and Karachi Halwa are simply the best take away. For me it’s always the savory that’s the savior and so my nose promptly guides me to the mouth-watering street-kebabs and succulent rezalas in the eateries bordering the main road, opposite the Ajmer railway station and the bus terminus. While shooting in Pushkar, every night we would drive down the hills for our dinner in any one of these joints.
Shubhi Agarwal
It would be stupid to go all the way to Ajmer and not eat and definitely see and experience the pious Ajmer Sharif Dargah. It was filled with so much positiveness. Walking inside as a Hindu, they only thing that was in my mind was I had this prejudice in my mind that people inside would judge me, depending on the way I carry myself or my clothes etc etc, but it was quite a contrary. Religion doesn't choose you, you choose one.
Shubham Shukla
Experience of people and religion. It is not only about ticking off a place from your touristy to-do list, it is an experience.
Edwina D'souza
Cars do not go all the way to the dargah so your vehicle will stop a few km away. From there you either walk, hire a cycle-rickshaw or an auto rickshaw to the dargah. It is recommended to hire an auto rickshaw for an amusing (partly adventurous) ride.