5 Places to visit in Ajmer

14th Jul 2018
Photo of Ajmer, Rajasthan, India by Shivani

Who doesn’t want to spend their weekends in their bed with their beloved mobile phones? Obviously everyone! But this time, we came out of our comfort zones and unlike others, we ditched the idea of staying home and packed our bags for a two day excursion to Ajmer and Pushkar. Luckily we got sudden reservations available in Ajmer Shatabdi express and thus our trip started.

Staying in Delhi has advantages but one gets easily bored with the so called daily routine of their lives. In my opinion, life can be made worth living when you decide to travel across places. Our family of 4 and my uncle-aunt accompanied us for the Ajmer trip. It was a short travel of around 6 hours via train. We reached Ajmer, hired a local auto and reached at our first sight.

Place 1: Ajmer Sharif Dargah

Passing through a small lane crowded with devotees and variety of shops selling all sorts of items, we reached at the entrance of Dargah. This place is crowded most of the year and you will walk along the people from all sides. This is Khwaja Mouniuddin Chishti’s Dargah having a marble dome surrounded by silver platform. Also Shahjahan’s Mosque is situated in the corner of inner side of Dargah. You will be lost in the sanctity of the place once you are inside. After seeking the blessings, you can come out of the shrine.

P.S. Before entering the sufi shrine, you will need to cover your head, submit your mobile phones, wallets and other things. Also, no footwear are allowed. You can buy a chadar to offer on the dargah. It’s not a compulsion.

Place 2: Adhai din ka Jhonpra

It is a bit far from the Dargah and is located on the outer area of Ajmer. As per the legends, it was basically a Sanskrit college which was converted into a mosque. There is no entry fee and you can see the architecture and calligraphic inscriptions.

Place 3: Ana sagar lake

After the mosque, it was late evening and we went to ana sagar lake, which is an artificial lake. One must visit here at the time of sunset as the view is very soothing. Spend some time there are capture the endless beauty of the lake.

Place 4: Akbar’s palace and museum

It is just a walking distance from the Dargah but you can take a rickshaw too. You will have to buy tickets for the entry first and then you can proceed. If you are an art lover, this is the perfect place. From the sculptures to the eras of civilization, you can see many antiques there.

Place 5: Nareli Jain Mandir

Not only is Ajmer famous for its Sufi saint’s dargah but there are many famous temples also that you can visit. One of them is Nareli Jain temple. You will find calm and peaceful surroundings there full of positive vibes. The exteriors of the temple are exquisitely made with fine carvings.

Piece of Advice - So the next time you are in Ajmer or planning a trip to same then don’t forget to explore the mentioned places. The city is affordable and food is great too. You must try kabab’s at Kareem and the traditional daal bati churma.