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On the next weekend, I went to closest international city from Maribor, Graz which is in Austria. Graz is also a small town like Maribor but a lot of tourist population and an architecture of castle and bell tower. It took just 8 hours for me to see the whole Graz and by evening I was back to Maribor.
Rajeev Khare
Divas Bahuguna
A 4-hour drive through beautiful landscapes (...must be the umpteenth number of time I am saying this, so I'm sure you got the point - it's almost impossible not to run into incredible landscapes when driving through Austria!!) brings you to the second largest city of Austria, Graz. The red-roofed city of Graz is best appreciated from the top of Schlossberg, with the famous Clock Tower to give you company. Let me know once you figure out what's so peculiar about this clock!!