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Sushma Neeraj
Why Linz?Linz in Austria combines old town charm with a burgeoning creative scene that might surprise one or two who aren’t up to speed with developments. Recently it was accepted into UNESCO's network of Creative Cities – and in 2009 it was a European capital of culture, in each instance helping raise the profile of the city as an arts and music destination. The recently upgraded Ars Electronica Center – a museum for the future – is a place to explore the interaction between people and the world around them, and encapsulates Linz’s reputation as an experimental, forward-looking city.Two of Linz’s biggest long-running annual events are the Ars Electronica festival in September, a series of exhibitions, performances and events focused on arts and science, and Pflasterspektakel Linz in July, one of Europe’s biggest street artist festivals – a celebration of buskers, human statues, clowns and dancers.