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Baga Beach

One of the most popular as well as one of the most charming locations of Bardez, this is one out of the main beaches of the region. Especially, after the sun sets, the beach is beautifully lit up and so are the food shacks around. Carnivals are also organized here periodically and being here is absolutely blissful. If you feel the place is too crowded, the secret is that the region on the northern end of the beach where you find the main carpark or the mouth of the river is mostly crowded. This is because most of the water activity rentals are found over here. If you walk for about 15 minutes from here you will find the crowd thinning out and the beach becoming even more beautiful and peaceful. Besides the scenic beauty, the beach is also cleaner on this part and the water is cleaner too. The warm waters of the Baga Beach are not only fit for water sports but also for some swimming and beach games before that.
Awara Diaries
2. BeachesGoa is a beach destination. Goa is ‘the beach destination of India’. For years now, tourists have frequented Goa for the beaches spread alongside this coastal state. The Goan beaches promise you the unforgettable vacation tan to flaunt! For most of the country deprived of a coastal line, Goa is their introduction to the beaches and the chilled beach culture that comes along.3. Water Sports
Varsha Prajapati
We chose St. Anthony’s and took an outdoor table at the shack. What’s Goa without some good chilled Beer!? We had Spicy Prawn Masala Goan Fry and Tandoori Fish which was absolutely delicious.
Sukesh Jain
And then we went to baga beach and spent the whole evening at the beach, visited the famous tito's lane , did cafe hopping, and later evening dance at the shacks.
Baga beach One of the things that took be by surprise was that it was pleasantly sunny although we had gone during the rainy season.We reached the location via Car which we had hired there because it was quite far away from the city area and checked into AirBnB settled there for a while. Later on, we headed to the beach. It had been calling us for a while now. It had a variety of beach side restaurants/ shacks and one of them was Britto's , which is a wonderful place for seafood although I found it to be a bit pricey. Lunch was delicious nonetheless, hehe.The beach was as beautiful as expected and I definitely had to click a few pictures. We couldn't spend much time here as we wanted to roam in and around Goa, so we immediately left from here after taking few pictures and also tried this Google inspired image and yeah, not a bad one though.
G Swapnil
Neelam The Grand offered us a half day city tour the next day starting 1:30 pm. So we just had to plan the first half activity. Coming to Goa and no water adventure sports will be a pure sin. We hired a bike, drove it for like 15 mins to reach Baga Beach. Baga beach boast amazing blue water and it is pure scenic. It was 9:00 am but there were already enough footfalls at the place. After the seaside walk we went ahead to choose the ride. We decided to go Parasailing where they would charge you extra to dip you into the sea. Yea, I mean you literally pay more to put your life into more risk! In the name of adventure, we let go that extra bit from the wallet :D.It takes two boats transit for parasailing here. Firstly, a boat takes you from the seashore to the deep sea. With just little sum of money, you get an option to gently dive into the deep sea with life jacket on. Amazing experience when you know the water down below is 300 ft. deep. Then after this breathtaking experience you're transferred to the next boat. After they've tied you with safety gears and of course the parachute, they let you go. Up you go...Up you go with a sense of sounds fading around you. In the sky all you see is the vast spread of the sea, the horizon and the sky. Far somewhere a beach. Then with a slight jerk the parachute elevates even more. There the word 'experience' comes alive. You don't want to think, you just want to be here, hanging by a moment. Eyes open or close, doesn't matter because it feels the same - air. Then the release when gravity slowly pulls you down. Looking at the sea below, you know what's coming next. Feet just inches away from a no base and then the motor throttles grabbing speed. You take a dip once knowing water just made it to nose mouth ears what not. Dip two, you loose the breathing rhythm and then up again. As the conveyer pulls you towards the boat, you're like... F**k! O:).Ok, back to the three days stay in Goa story. So everybody sharing experiences, photos and videos on the speed boat. Transit back to the boat that takes back to the shore. We have had enough, so we drove back to the hotel. Took a bath, drained all the saline and sand off the body. Ordered lunch in the room, loved the chicken schwzan chunks and scrumptious lemon cheese cake. Yet exhausted, got ready for the half day trip offered exclusively by the hotel.