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Baga Beach

One of the most popular as well as one of the most charming locations of Bardez, this is one out of the main beaches of the region. Especially, after the sun sets, the beach is beautifully lit up and so are the food shacks around. Carnivals are also organized here periodically and being here is absolutely blissful. If you feel the place is too crowded, the secret is that the region on the northern end of the beach where you find the main carpark or the mouth of the river is mostly crowded. This is because most of the water activity rentals are found over here. If you walk for about 15 minutes from here you will find the crowd thinning out and the beach becoming even more beautiful and peaceful. Besides the scenic beauty, the beach is also cleaner on this part and the water is cleaner too. The warm waters of the Baga Beach are not only fit for water sports but also for some swimming and beach games before that.
Dr. Yadwinder Singh
शाम को हम नार्थ गोवा की मशहूर बीच कलंगुट और बागा बीच को देखने के लिए गए| यह दोनों बीच नार्थ गोवा की बहुत मशहूर बीच है| एक घंटा हमने फैमिली के साथ समुद्र की लहरों का आनंद लिया| मेरी तीन साल की बेटी यहाँ आकर बहुत खुश हुई|
Sethu krishnan m
The next day my cough subsided somewhat but throat pain was still lingering like a bad aftertaste in my mouth. The buffet breakfast was free at the resort. It was okayish. After breakfast, we rented out an Activa (500rs for one day) for 2 days. We went to Baga Beach in North Goa. It was 53km from our resort and we reached there by 12:30 pm. It was very hot on the beach so we decided to chill in a nearby shack. The beach was not that crowded since the new year was over. Till 4:30 pm we sat in the shack. We ordered Old Monk, Calsberg, fish fry, chicken fry, and 2 plates of fried rice. For 100 Rs we did a head massage. It was relaxing. Goa has this vibe, even if we don’t do anything and just sit in a shack, with a chilled beer, looking at the waves, melting at her susurration, drenching in the lazy beach breeze that seeps through each pore of our body, lying in the shade with the sleepy sunlight smooching our faces, we will feel relaxed.I planned to do water sports at Baga Beach, visit Dil Chahta Hai fort, and a party at Titos Street, and go back late. But none of it happened. We were so enmeshed in the tranquillity of the shack and the beach that time crept out of us. By 4:30 pm we decided to do water sports. But it was a mistake. When we went to take the tickets, they demanded that we pay in cash. In this era of digital payments, no one will carry that much amount as cash. There was a guy beside the ticket counter who gave cash in exchange for online payment. He demanded 100Rs. for this mobile ATM service. We didn’t want to take part in this scam so went on a search for a nearby ATM. When we came back, it was almost 5:30 pm. The water sports were available till 6:00 pm. We decided to do water skiing only. 500rs each. They just took us for one round, barely a minute's ride. It’s like the ride ended before our rear touched the jet ski.The Chapora Fort will be closed by 6:00 so we searched Google for any other place to visit. Thus we went to Aguda Fort and the beach. We reached there just before sunset and watched the sunset from the fort. Then we bathed in the Aguda beach under the starlit sky.After the refreshing bath, we walked through the beach and found a shack with sea-facing chairs and breezy music. We ordered 3 ‘sex on the beach’ and a pizza.Thus the first day in Goa was spent with lots of misses and some hits. But at the end of the day, witnessing the shimmering stars cuddling the lovestruck sea under the faint glow of moonlight, the artificial neon lights recreating that love with the beach sands, the soothing songs from the shacks playing chorus to the lazy evenings, the chilled beer oozing through our bodies like a fresh rivulet, made the day a memorable one.We went back and reached the resort by 11:30 pm. Our clothes were filled with beech sand. We cleaned the clothes and bathed and slept.
Aditya Rathi
Baga Beach:Located in North Goa, Baga Beach is a popular destination for tourists due to its picturesque beauty, lively nightlife, and numerous water sports activities. The beach is lined with shacks, cafes, and restaurants offering a variety of local and international cuisines.
We are enjoying alot
Vihang Suryavanshi