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Baga Beach

One of the most popular as well as one of the most charming locations of Bardez, this is one out of the main beaches of the region. Especially, after the sun sets, the beach is beautifully lit up and so are the food shacks around. Carnivals are also organized here periodically and being here is absolutely blissful. If you feel the place is too crowded, the secret is that the region on the northern end of the beach where you find the main carpark or the mouth of the river is mostly crowded. This is because most of the water activity rentals are found over here. If you walk for about 15 minutes from here you will find the crowd thinning out and the beach becoming even more beautiful and peaceful. Besides the scenic beauty, the beach is also cleaner on this part and the water is cleaner too. The warm waters of the Baga Beach are not only fit for water sports but also for some swimming and beach games before that.
It is very rare to find Baga Beach so uncrowded and quite. We were lucky I guess ;-)#TripotoTakeMeToGoa #Trip2018 #Goa #TravellersForLife
Shaunak Bhattacharjee
4. Baga Beach. Probably the most popular beach in Goa, Baga Beach is present in the north end of the beach that stretches to Calangute. Water sports like parasailing, banana rides and dolphin cruises are also popular here.
Vaibhav Jhaveri
Once we got our ride, without wasting much time, we headed to our first attraction, which happens to be one of the most popular and active beach of Goa, the Baga Beach, which was no more than 5 minutes ride from the hotel.At Baga Beach, there are plenty of beach shacks, coffee bars, clubs, shops, street food vendors, and water sports activities to choose from. It’s heaven for water sports lovers, for they get to choose from Banana Boats, Bumper Boats, Water Scooter, Jet Ski, Dolphin Cruises, and Parasailing.
Debadrita Basak
I wanted to try Para-sailing. But my phobia stopped me from that. So, I just clicked photo only.I thought of visiting Tito's Club, but my stomach was so full and there was so much of heat that I decided to visit Tito's Club in my next visit to Goa and had some Nimbu Shikanji.After having this all time favourite summer cooler, I left for Chapoda Fort.While going to the fort, I was enjoying the view. But, when I reached to the fort, let me tell you I did not like it at all.If you're a cardiac patient or asthma patient, my suggestion for you is : you won't miss that much if you don't visit this place. Because you've to climb up so long that may occur health issues or breathing problem.So, I came down from the fort and headed towards Small Vagator.
Debadrita Basak
Baga beach was the place where everyone was busy with water sports only.
Aarush Tandon
Baga beach is a typical Goa beach in it's terms. It's filled with people from all nations around the world. There is a party mood set up on the beaches by the locals with the tourists joining in. I wasn't a big fan of it. Thing is for me beaches mean that they should focus on cleanliness and sanitary facilities which due to overcrowding and poor management couldn't take place.
shefali singh
Baga Beach: Night never sleeps here, instead ignite every breed of travelers to spark into firestones that light up the place with undying EDM, alcohol, and food.
On reaching, I was accompanied by my brother. Immediately we rent a bike and went to Calangute. He took a hotel near baga beach at a reasonable price. We had a sumptuous Goan meal of sea food. The next day we covered points in North Goa like – Arambol beach, Ashwem Beach, Morjim beach, Vagator beach, chapora fort, Anjuna beach, calangute beach, Candolim beach, Aguada fort, Reis Magos. Then we went on to some central goa places like Fontainhas, Basilica of Bom Jesus. Later in the evening we resorted back to Baga beach for drinks and some continental cuisines. Later we hit a pub to end night at a high.
Samir Deshpande
At around 4 P.M. we left the resort and visited Baga Beach. The beach was not very crowded at this time so we could relax and enjoy the view while having our drinks at one of the shacks. You may want get inked by one of the local tattoo artists who paint a temporary tattoo at a very low price. Girls can also get their hair braided.
Iswarya Sudhakaran
Next and final day, we went to explore the Baga beach, did some street shopping and got a temporary tattoo. Its always good to leave a day to explore the beauty of Baga, though the beach is a bit crowed. I would also suggest places like Tito's & Cafe Mambo at Baga, some of the best places in Goa. Tito's and Cafe Mambo are one of the best places to party in Goa with some good food. Then we went to Brittos, which is also a beach shack. This one is a must visit place. Then we set off to the South Goa, where we got to see small towns and the souvenir shops. Finally we ended our trip by going to a beach in South Goa, which is the Colva Beach. Colva is a beautiful beach in the village of Salcete in South Goa then took off to Madgaon Station.
We took a taxi from there and went to the Baga beach. The beach is less crowded and you can enjoy some peaceful time here. It was already dark when we reached there, but the beach side shacks had plenty of lights so, no worry. We settled down near the water, the weather was pleasant, clear sky, mild breeze. The perfect place for enjoying a drink or two with your friends. It will be a lifetime experience, I guarantee, you won't forget this evening in your life. Here you have to understand one thing, people are drunk from morning in Goa, so you have to be very sure about where you are spending your time and with whom, but you have to keep an open mind at the same time. In Baga beach some boys asked us to go to night clubs with them, they were polite and we refused them politely. Don't go for any arguments unless it's absolutely necessary. You will surely find some unpleasant people there, ignore them as much as you can. Enjoy fullest, but keep a watch of your surroundings. Avoid unknow and dark roads. From my experience I can tell the cab drivers are good there. The Calangute and Baga beaches are safe. You can find police there after sunset, they don't interfere in your business unless you are doing something offensive.We had our dinner in one of the shacks. We ordered plenty of sea foods again, and beef. I tasted beef for the first time here and I liked it. We took a cab from there and returned to the homestay. I couldn't write everything that happened that evening, because ultimately what happens in Goa, stays in Goa. You will understand it when you are here with your gang.Visit my profile for the next part :)Follow me:Facebook:
13. Baga BeachOne of the most popular and commercialized beach is famous for Parties, karaoke, good food and varieties of water sports.
Soma Majumdar
......we head north to Baga....quite a crowd...the same kind of crowd of youngsters- sent- on- vacation- by- office, we met on the plane, ....playing dumb charades...only to be chastened by the Captain's warning of inclement weather ahead....fasten your seat belts please...
Calangute, Baga beach:One of the most crowded places, yeah at 1 AM you have to knock the natural’s shutter if you want the ice-cream. Ha-ha! Don’t say who will eat ice cream when you are in Goa. Dear fellow, you will get from Urat (local drink) to Kings, virgin mojito to screw driver anywhere. I don’t need to guide you for the same.
Kalpana Sharma
Many of the people restrict their perceptions of Goa to simply beach life. However, Goa offers a rich colonial past telling the story from Portuguese settlements that still influences the local architecture and the churches as well. The Basilica of Bom Jesus, The Church of Saint Francis of Assisi and ancient temples such as Sri Mahalakshmi temple and Shree Shantadurga temple are some of the must visit and photographed places. Goa’s geographical location in the Western Ghats gives it admission to wildlife. Thus, you can spot the leopards, bison, deer, and many more. Besides all, Beaches are the best location to capture the beautiful sunsets. Ladakh
Akash Sharma
The 4th day was the best of all. After enjoying our sumptuous breakfast we went for water sports. When we reached there, my friend with family was waiting for us. After reaching there we started doing water sports, water boat ride,water skiing, para sailing and jet skiing but the best one was Banana ride. After finishing of water sports, we felt tired and took lunch and went to guest house for rest. After taking some rest, we again went to beach and take photographs. Varun Dhawan was also coming on the same day in Goa. In the night we went to see him and with this our day is over .
Abhinav Ranjan
Reaching bagha beach was the start of the long affair with this place. It was a huge stretch of sand water and fun. First thing to do here is to get hold of a bench as the sun is always there and unlike westerners we Indians don't like to get tanned. Do bargain as everything in Goa is up for a bargain. So like so many we also took rent of one such bench with the big umbrella providing the necessary cover in the summer of May. Good thing is they are readily available throughout the beach. You can use the place for keeping your things and sunbathing once you are back playing in the sea. You will have all sorts of water rides available here and you can opt for one or all depending upon your choice.
Prateek Dham
Not exactly a "city" but who cares. Did you expect any other place on the top of this list, honestly? Goa is the place that taught our country how to have a good time, and Baga beach is where the parties never end. With its famous trance music and infamous rave parties, there's no way a tourist won't visit this place on his visit. The ultra-popular "Baga lane" is hardly a km long but my goodness the number of nightclubs it packs in there is incredible. This is the best nightlife city in India.Tripoto's top 3 of the beach: Cafe Mambos, Get High, and Red Square.Average expenditure for two: Rs. 3,000Read more about the beach.Are you a resident of any of the above-mentioned cities? Have you got some interesting nightlife encounters to share? Do share your stories on Tripoto and do service to the 25M strong community of travellers!
The whole day we splurged on some water activities since we were not able to do it in Calangute because of the tides. But, Baga offers a bit expensive water sports than Calangute, but is exciting if you are a first timer! I don't remember exactly the price, but it was around 1800-2000/- for jet skiing and parasailing both included. In the evening we enjoyed the amazing Titos lane and the goan offerings around Baga.
Bhavik Sarkhedi
From getting the sands on my legs to doing 'Panorama' to putting my 'Over the Ears' headphones and listening 'Cheap Thrills, I remember everything since I didn't drink in the morning :p. Oh my God, what are you going to do alone there sitting on the shacks? I thought the same before but then, time seemed to pass naturally and then it passed some more simultaneously with the myriad thoughts going on in my mind.I think that that was the most essential part when I realized that we don't need anyone to travel or at least to make anything happen. Note: I had many friends to approach me and go Goa together but I took the decision to come alone dauntlessly of which I am proud of now.The evening flowed smoothly, seamlessly and with so delight that I still rewind it to make me blush. The Captured moments are always memorable but sometimes, the words fill the void of 'Uncaptured' moments and that is what I came for especially.Being a professional content writer and an author of two books, well, two flop books, I wanted to give some thoughts on why, how, what and who of my next novel. I am a mixture of 'Dude' and 'Douche' and so at the third morning, I came to a title: They Call me Dude- A Wannabe Turned Prodigy.Here, I met my first girl. On the Beach. She was hot but not cute, smart but not sexy; she was a bimbo. We talked as we were friends for life. She was orthodox; she was conservative. I respected it. I know that every meeting can't end up to a date or bathing together on a beach. But, I really felt the level of technology millenials are using. You aren't physically present but find the  'Match' of your type perhaps and there is a fair expectations of it going long. Well, this didn't work. She left. Don't Worry. I have two more. :D :D PS- I was under pressure now.But, I continued with my real intention. I immersed again in the air of the beach.11 am, 29 December, 2016, Goa.
Gandharv Sharma
Staying at Anjana Beach was a good decission for me as I was looking for a relaxed trip away from the crowded streets like Baga and Calangute Beach which are overloaded with clubs playing bollywood nights. Although it’s another kind of feel at Baga Beach to enjoy ur drinks & meal by the streetside resturants watching the crowd moving around in high spirit, but yeah the traffic could be a little annoying.
Paras Mohamed
Aswathy Nair
After 1 km walk through the goan soil, we reached our stay..It looks like a small hut from outside..We collected the keys and went to our room..It was such a cute and homely house..We felt we are at home itself..After a short nap, we walked towards the Baga Beach.On the way to the beach, our eyes got stuck at one of the tatoo shops there..and the board imprinted 'temporary tatoos'..We went there and did one temporary tatoo of a horse :PAgain from there we walk towards the baga beach...There are plenty of water sports operators in Baga Beach and you can identify them by the herd of water scooters and boats parked in one corner of the beach...Many people will approach you with many water sport package..Choose wisely..Finally we took it as a package worth Rs.1500 which includes the Water Bike, Banana Ride, Bumper Ride and Parasailing...First we rode the Water Bike..It was damn thrilling..The instructor will ride the bike acrooss the waves with heavy speed...You need to jump when a high tide comes..Next was the bumper ride...We need to sit in a tyre like structure and we will be driven towards the deep sea and they will rotate us with high speed...Next was the Banana Ride.. All the other rides were twin sharing..wereas in this ride, four of us were this banana like structure will be driven towards the deep sea and they will tell us to jump in the sea...Man..Once you jump, you will get confused whether this is scuba diving or not..I could see the under water and the depth of sea and somehow after couple of minutes, we were taken back to the banana structure. Next was the Parasailing...They will take us to the deep sea via a small boat...and from there we shifted to another boat where parachute and rope were present..Instructor inside the boat told we need to pay 600Rs extra if we want to dip in water while doing Parasailing..Seeing a couple of people doing the same, we also said okay for dipping..Finally it was my turn to do Parasailing...Though I had little fear of doing this initillay, once I reached heights, it was sooo damn thrilling...Parasailing keeps your heart racing as you test the waters and let out the adventurer in you...Perfect Ride for adventureous People..I felt like a brid..with wings...They made me dipped in sea..Feels like I was on a swing...Then I went upwards and the perfect point is when you reach the top position..I felt sooooo good...Calm and quiet sea...With Blue sky above...Dark Sea below me....Multicoloured Parachute...Winds blowing...My mind filled with happiness....Finally they took me back towards the boat :( My mind cried I wanto fly moree and experience the feeling..It was around 3 00 pm afternoon..So we walked towards a restaurant and had Roti and spicy Paneer Curry...Finally we went back to our Hotel..We talked about the excitement we had while doing Parasailing..After getting fresh and all, we simply walked a lot and did some shopping and had dinner and slept peacefully with fulfillment.
Mohal Banker
 On goanese beach, we enjoyed candle light beach dinner at Baga beach & Anjuna flea market. But amazing beach is devbaug island(tarkali) at konkan area in south Maharashtra. I would like to call it as "Mini Phuket". Its unique place where kali river & sea meet & its called "sagar sangam". one side white sandy beach(non poluted ) & other side back water rides(in kali river).All water sports including scuba diving can be done here.we like scuba & kayaking. Goa is very common destination for every indian, even i have been here for 7 times. But this time what we have explored it's really amazing. It reminds me steve jobe's word "stay hungry stay foolish"Disclosure : This was my crazy travel plan, to explore unknown roads with help of google "siri" & almost 2700 km self driving.Thanks to my family to support my crazy ideas.
Sayantani Maiti
11th Feb 15, we arrive at North Goa. Checked into the hotel. In the evening, we plan to go to Calangute beach. It is crowded (not to my liking) but a trip to Brittos at Baga Beach on the first night makes up more than that.