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Baga Beach

One of the most popular as well as one of the most charming locations of Bardez, this is one out of the main beaches of the region. Especially, after the sun sets, the beach is beautifully lit up and so are the food shacks around. Carnivals are also organized here periodically and being here is absolutely blissful. If you feel the place is too crowded, the secret is that the region on the northern end of the beach where you find the main carpark or the mouth of the river is mostly crowded. This is because most of the water activity rentals are found over here. If you walk for about 15 minutes from here you will find the crowd thinning out and the beach becoming even more beautiful and peaceful. Besides the scenic beauty, the beach is also cleaner on this part and the water is cleaner too. The warm waters of the Baga Beach are not only fit for water sports but also for some swimming and beach games before that.
It is very rare to find Baga Beach so uncrowded and quite. We were lucky I guess ;-)#TripotoTakeMeToGoa #Trip2018 #Goa #TravellersForLife
Shaunak Bhattacharjee
4. Baga Beach. Probably the most popular beach in Goa, Baga Beach is present in the north end of the beach that stretches to Calangute. Water sports like parasailing, banana rides and dolphin cruises are also popular here.
Vaibhav Jhaveri
Once we got our ride, without wasting much time, we headed to our first attraction, which happens to be one of the most popular and active beach of Goa, the Baga Beach, which was no more than 5 minutes ride from the hotel.At Baga Beach, there are plenty of beach shacks, coffee bars, clubs, shops, street food vendors, and water sports activities to choose from. It’s heaven for water sports lovers, for they get to choose from Banana Boats, Bumper Boats, Water Scooter, Jet Ski, Dolphin Cruises, and Parasailing.
Debadrita Basak
I wanted to try Para-sailing. But my phobia stopped me from that. So, I just clicked photo only.I thought of visiting Tito's Club, but my stomach was so full and there was so much of heat that I decided to visit Tito's Club in my next visit to Goa and had some Nimbu Shikanji.After having this all time favourite summer cooler, I left for Chapoda Fort.While going to the fort, I was enjoying the view. But, when I reached to the fort, let me tell you I did not like it at all.If you're a cardiac patient or asthma patient, my suggestion for you is : you won't miss that much if you don't visit this place. Because you've to climb up so long that may occur health issues or breathing problem.So, I came down from the fort and headed towards Small Vagator.
Debadrita Basak
Baga beach was the place where everyone was busy with water sports only.