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Hightide Kayak School

Parichay Mehta
Upon our arrival at Hightide Kayak School, Dave – The co-founder of the school greeted us. He helped us with all the necessary clothing for Winter Kayaking. Since we were new to this kind of accessories (Dry suits, different types of shoes & gloves etc.), Dave explained the use of everything & how to wear it patiently.
Parampara Patil Hashmi
We booked our trip and walked from our hostel in Interlaken to Bonigen speculating what was in store for us. At the High-Tide Kayaking School, we met Dave who was waiting for us. Dave handed over wetsuits for us to change into. Now, this was our first time wearing such 'fancy' gear for kayaking. But the fact that it would keep us warm and safe in the chills was convincing without another thought.