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Chennai International Airport

Two Wheelers
All set to embark on our first South Asian trip to Cambodia and Vietnam, also TwoWheelers' first international trip.We took an Air Asia flight from Chennai (MAA) to Siem Reap (REP) via Bangkok (DMK) on Jan 11th.
Triphippies .
Chennai Anna International AirportIt is one of the best airports down south, and it is the hub for the people traveling to southern parts of the country. This airport also connects the passengers to Sri Lanka, Maldives, Thailand and Indonesia. It is trying to add new runways and a few stores to improve the services.
neha ballal
Laos? The lady at the immigration at Chennai international airport looked at me quizzically. Where is it? That was when I knew I was making the right decision, going to a country which many people don't know about is definitely positive. Less crowd, more nature, and more local stuff. Well, I wasn't exactly right. Laos is a very unique country wherein it has developed pockets meant for tourists and the remote villages where no one can ever go to!
Anurag Chaturvedi
Lucknow to Chennai by flight Chennai to tirupati by bus
We had a 5-hour break in Chennai Airport. Once done with Indian immigration process, we were in the seating area near the food court stuffing the faces with idly and Pongal. I remember thinking that early morning flight was a bad idea as my wife looked and spoke like she woke up after a bad hang-over.ARRIVALAs soon as we exited the flight, we were hit by this heat wave that just basically air-fried us.