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Elliot's Beach

A main beach of Chennai, this is better than most of the other beaches around. The main reason that the place is very clean and also not overcrowded. You can swim here, enjoy picnics or just come here for a friendly visit. The scenic beauty os extraordinary around and thus serves as a perfect place for some awesome photography too.
Lost Passenger
Gunjan Upreti
Popularly known as ‘Bessie’, Elliot's Beach is one of the cleanest beaches in Chennai. The blue waters and clear skies are guaranteed to cast a spell on you! Other attractions on the beach include the Ashtalakshmi temple and the Church of our Lady of Health.
Prateek Dham
Even though I'd be wrong in saying that it's known to only the locals, but Elliot's Beach definitely plays the poorer, less known brother of the very famous Marina Beach. And hence, it finds a place in this list. The waves are a lot more serene, the place is lot cleaner, and the people are a lot less.
Gunjan Upreti
Build a castle down by the sea.