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George Town

Anila Kopparapu
A market that sells everything, from clothes to furniture to foods and jewellery, the George Town market, also happens to have quite a history. This market was built around the fort of St. George back in the 1600’s for locals to trade and was then called the 'black town'. The name George Town got popular after King George walked the streets of this market in 1905.After many structural changes and buildings – courts and temples built around it, it still thrives today, with the same energy and a lot of stories attached to it.
Isha Mehta
2. Get lost in crowded George Town -Consider shopping at George Town, a place that has a notorious reputation for being the most crowded market in the city. A walk through the Burma Bazar will mesmerize you. Beautiful and soft mulberry silk is sold here. To add to it, the beautiful Kanchipuram sarees are available in a number of designs. If this is not enough, you can browse through the numerous shops that sell toys, perfumes, electronic goods, jewelry, fabric, readymade garments, stationery items, gift items, traditional handicrafts, clothes, bags, shoes, junk accessories, mobile accessories and what not! It is a known fact that the price of products sold here is reasonable and thus George Town makes it to the list of 6 cheap places to shop in Chennai.
Prateek Dham
Most people know this as George Town today but the labyrinthine alleys noticed if the person takes the effort to walk through this locality definitely makes you reminisce about the 16th century colonial era gone by when this was known as Black Town instead. Situated along the eastern coastal plains, George Town is home to one of the busiest market places but effortlessly enchanting nonetheless.