Godown Street

Isha Mehta
4. Eye-Popping deals at Parry’s Corner -Parry’s Corner is located on Godown Street, that which is around 200 years old. This street began with dealing with textiles. Business was only open to wholesale parties. Of course, this has changed thus making Parry’s a force in the shopping arena and guaranteeing it a place on our list of 6 cheap places to shop in Chennai. This place is way cheaper than any other shopping destination in Chennai and one can expect discounts ranging from 30-40%. Items from China, Taiwan, and other Asian countries, fill the shelves of the many stores here. Now it is for you to decide, as Parry’s offers great bargains. Get a good pair of shoes on and start your scouting. Don’t forget to carry water; you will need it after much hassling and bargaining.