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Moti Daman

Tanvi S
Going by Google maps, we read about fort in Daman. We came across The Deltin hotel on our route. We followed the route and were soon at the gate of the fort and saw a car taking an exit from the fort. We entered into the fort in our car itself just to see that an entire colony and lot of government office buildings, church, exit to jetty etc. inside the fort. The place is also called as Moti Daman fort or Jerome Fort. Basically, Daman is divided in 2 parts - Moti (Big) Daman and Nani (Small) Daman. Moti Daman fort in Daman features among one of the popular monuments in Daman. It was once occupied by the Portuguese colonial rulers and constructed a in 1559. Touted as a popular tourist attractions of Daman, the place is characterized by a dream-like ambiance. It had lot of Portuguese style, Color popping buildings with heritage architecture. You can also go on top of the fort to view Daman harbour but we decided to view the harbour itself.
Ram Shankar
Day 5 - September 21 2015:It was a Monday early morning. I had already packed up the bags the previous night, and was waiting for the rain to go down. I left Moti-Daman at around 6:00 AM and began my journey towards the state of Rajasthan. The drizzle had not stopped and it was severe since day 3, yet I decided that this was the moment to cherish on the road and I continued towards Ahmedabad.At 8 AM, I took a small breakfast break and continued riding until Surat. On the outskirts of Surat, I noticed a few trucks piled up on the highway. My initial thought was about an accident on the highway or probably a toll gate for the trucks to go. There was enough space for one motorcycle to ride between the trucks and I was slowly and steadily heading, but this continued for about 30 minutes and I realized that I had waded through stagnated truck traffic for almost 5 kms. On to the extreme left of the road was enough slush to skid the motorcycle. In some stretches, I had to brave that and ride through it slowly.The traffic had piled up for almost 22 kms and it took a good 2.5 hours to go past all that. Some construction work was happening across the Narmada river, which was the prime reason for this traffic jam. It was almost 10:30 AM and I was in the impression that it wouldn't be easy to reach Mount Abu or head towards Jaisalmer. The next 3 hours went on peacefully and the rain gods finally showed some mercy.At around 2 PM, I had reached Ahmedabad. As I entered the city, I was in a confusion as to which direction to head, to Udaipur or Mount Abu? I finally made up my mind and decided to head towards Udaipur, but did not know the route. A couple of traffic constables helped me with the directions by "leading the way" and riding along with me till where the highway began. From there, I continued towards Udaipur, about 260 kms away. The next couple of hours went by quietly as I reached Shamlaji, a very sleepy little town on the borders of Rajasthan. I was still 100 kms away from Udaipur. The moment I entered Rajasthan and towards Udaipur, the rain came down again. By 7 PM I had reached Udaipur and settled down for the day.another 670 kms travelled.Daman - Vadodara - Ahmedabad - Shamlaji - Udaipur.
Ram Shankar
Day 4 went completely on resting the motorcycle and myself due to a continuous downpour which was to last until Day 5.
Ram Shankar
Day 3 - September 19 2015:Learning a lesson from journey in Day 2, I got some plastic covers to cover my laptop and all dresses in my luggage. Journey to Daman started at around 9AM and the sky was gray, though it wasn't raining yet. I went past Panvel, to Thane, and accidentally went into Mumbai city, completely missing the road to Ahmedabad. A cop helped in finding the way back to Ahmedabad and I was back on track towards Daman at around 10:30 AM. A small meal at a dhaba, around 50 kms from the outskirts of Mumbai was filling enough to continue the journey.As i continued on NH8 towards Daman, which was about 150 kms away, the rain gods opened the floodgates again by the middle of the journey and I was still left with 65 kms to reach Daman. This time the rain wasn't like the previous day, yet it was pouring. Braving the downpour yet again, I managed to reach Daman by around 2 PM and settled at my friend Rohit's house. Rest of the day went in drying the clothes and getting some drinks, food and a combat video game.Totally, 165 kms travelled on Day 3.
Moti Daman is fully an administrative place and a very quite place to be in Very laid back scene in Moti daman ensures you get peace at all the times Roads are absolutely clean Trees are planted all across Moti Daman Beaches a sure No go for anyone who is coming here for sea side romantic evening or to enjoy sea side relaxing getaway Sea water is very muddy. Kindly think before venturing in