14th Jan 2015
Photo of Daman 1/5 by Test
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Photo of Daman 5/5 by Test

A weekend at Daman. Daman is a popular weekend trip from Surat. The main draw is the booze and the quaint seaside town. They have two forts overlooking the sea. Not far of is Jampore beach, a quiet beach that borders Gujarat and is good for swimming. Up north the Devka beach is a different exxperience as with the receding tide a rocky sea bed is visible. Gold Beach Resort on Devka Beach has excellent restaurants with good food and a great view of the sea. There are a few churches if people are interested to get the Portugese feel of the town. All in all a great place for a lazy weekend away from the city life. One needs to take a train to Vapi and either a bus or cab or auto to Daman which is about 15km from Vapi.