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Dalai Lama

Ruchira Karkhanis
First STOP: The Dalai lama temple
Later moved to Dalai Lama temple which is in McLeodganj,  to explore famous historic sites of Dharamshala.  The temple is situated at the main temple road. The culture and language of Tibet people have lot many to learn about.There is some divine energy you get inside and get peace of mind in natures womb but positivity and energy of course. Outside the temple, there is a market to explore pure Tibetan culture.
I was able to enter the temple without any hindrances as presumed (was wearing shorts). The temple was very decorative. It felt kinda nice to not be discriminated in a holy place because of one's attire. We had a few picture sessions and then we left for Kangra fort.
Vibha Singh
Dalai Lama Temple :This temple is located at a distance of 15 mins walk from the city center. On the way to the temple, is the market of Dharmshala, you will find brands like Puma,Nike,etc at a reasonable price.
6. Serene, soothing face of Gautam Buddha at the Dalai Lama Temple. People practice yoga in the temple premises and meditate for hours.You just have to go straight on the street passing all the local market you will reach here. Caution if you have girls in your gang you might not reach your destination soon ;)The blissful showers made us all nostalgic of us as kids getting drenched in rains.We almost went mad, it's raining we got split into groups finding each other in different shops. one got stuck in one shop other got in some other. We were totally enervated!Rains were like cheery on the cake. The weather was awesome.