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Himachal Pradesh is a major attraction for those in love with scaling heights and watching the snow-peaked mountains. The experience of hiking in the natural, picturesque backdrops, pollution free-air, untouched beauty and green landscapes is something you have to experience. Some of the treks in Dharamshala such as the Triund Trek can be covered in a day, and that too without a guide. However, some need to be comfortably covered in a few days, preferably with a guide.

Following are the treks near Dharamshala and McLeod Ganj that should definitely be on your bucket list if you love nature.

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Photo of Kareri Lake Trekking And Camping, Kareri, Himachal Pradesh, India by Ginny Bansal

This trek is situated somewhere in the south of Dhauladar range which is 9 km from Dharamshala city. This lake is named after the Kareri village. The lake is at a very high altitude and it freezes during winters by the end of November to early December, in fact at times up to April. The Kareri Lake trek takes you out from McLeod Ganj and west across the mountains, as opposed to Triund eastern direction. It is better to have a guide for this trek as they supply the camping necessities. You’ll hike through cool forests of pine and oak to get to the lake, and will also see the charming villages of Riyoti and Kareri. Most of the trail is easy, but there are some rocky and steep uphill climbs, so make sure you gear up with passion and are fit to climb.

How to get there? Regular buses are ply from Dharamsala to ghera village, the distance between the two is around 20 km. You can also take a taxi. The trekkers begin their trekking from the market in Ghera village.

Difficulty Level: Moderate

Best season: May-June / September- October

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Photo of Minkaini Pass, Kareri, Himachal Pradesh by Ginny Bansal

Minkiani pass trek is one of the most offbeat and beautiful treks in McLeod Ganj. It's a dream trail that goes through the cloud, high peaks, and narrow lanes. Minkiani Pass trek starts from McLeod Ganj. This pass is located above the Kareri lake trek. The journey is about 14 km and will take you about eight hours round trip. The trek to Kareri village is mostly a downhill trek with small bits and pieces of climbing. Pass by the quaint Himalayan villages, trek through dense pine forest and camp overnight in the village. The steepness of this pass makes it an exciting climb for the experienced trekkers but difficult one for the trekking newcomer. Treat your eyes to the majestic view of the Dhauladhar ranges.

How to get there? You have to pass through the river to reach the Minkiani Pass.

Difficulty level: High

Best Season: May-June and September-October

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Photo of Shri Guna Devi Mandir, Trail to Shri Gunna Devi Mandir, Naddi, Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh, India by Ginny Bansal

Guna Devi is located approximately 13 kilometres away from Dharamshala bus stand and and kilometres from McLeod Ganj bus stand. This place is one of the major religious centres. The trek starts from Naddi village above Dal Lake, four km from McLeod Ganj and from there it is a moderate trail leading to Baal village and further two kilometres leading to Guna Devi temple. There is no need for accommodation on this trek as it is one day hike. You can stay at any of the hotels or homestays in McLeod Ganj.

How to get there? You can take a taxi from either McLeod Ganj or Dharamshala to Naddi village.

Best time to go: Throughout the year except for Monsoons

Difficulty level: Easy

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Photo of Bhagsu Nag, Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh, India by Ginny Bansal

This trek is a personal favorite as it is short and refreshing. There are two places to be visited on this trek—one is Bhagsu temple, which is dedicated to lord Shiva, it is an old temple with its own history and significance. The other is Bhagsu waterfalls that are 20 minutes away from the temple. After the trek, you can drench yourself in the waterfall to refresh yourself. The trek from McLeodganj to Bhagsu is comparatively easy to other treks. The temple and the waterfall are only twenty minutes from each other. For the waterfall, the trekkers need to climb half a hill, which can be a little difficult for some. Bhagsu has many refreshment centres along with the popular Shiva Cafe.

How to get there? Bhagsu waterfall is 3 km away from McLeodganj and one kilometre from the Bhagsu temple.

Best time to go: Throughout the year, the waterfall looks great during the monsoons.

Difficulty level: Easy

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Photo of Indrahar Pass, Dhar Alangari, Himachal Pradesh by Ginny Bansal

If you want to hone your trekking skills, then Indrahar Pass trek is perfect for you. The trek to this pass is one of the most picturesque and mesmerising experiences. This trek is on top of the Dhauladar range and approximately at the peak of 14,160 ft Trekkers usually camp till Triund for a day and then on the next day proceed for the lahesh cave and then camp there and next morning begin the trek from lahesh cave to Indrahar pass. There are a few streams that you will cross along the way. You will get to know when you are about to reach as the trail becomes steeper. There is a shrine in the centre of the pass as well. The trek takes about 6 to 7 hours from lahesh to Indrahar pass.For the accommodation, trekkers proceed to Chhata camp, which is downhill from the pass.

How to get there? The base camp set up for Indrahar pass is Lahesh Cave which is 9 km away from Triund.

Best time to go: September to October

Difficulty: Moderate to difficult

So, get your group of friends ready and head out for an adventure in the hills.

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