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His Holiness Dalai Lama Main Temple

Priya Sharma
While leaving the beautiful mountains, I assumed how I’m accumulating a light in an empty corner of my life. God made beauty surprising us with its bundle of goodness and greenery everywhere. I love mountains, lush greenery and fresh breeze at the top. Its is far far from the madding crowd in the nature so peaceful.Today, we are so stressed with our 9 to 6 job where we have no time for ourselves. We must need a weekend gateway to cheer our soul with calmness, peace and lovely Mountains.
As we left from St John's Church, it poured heavily for a good forty minutes. We were stuck in a massive traffic jam for more than an hour on the two kilometer road. Yet, we enjoyed that traffic snarl because of the pleasant weather and lush greenery around. Such amazing weather is so rare in the city.We reached McLeodganj by half past one. The slippery wet roads and traffic in the narrow lanes of the market welcomed us. Post a hearty lunch we headed to Dalai Lama Temple.