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Shilpi Sneha
It does not matter if I am out of house for few hours, a night or few days, my kindle always accompanies me. Sometimes I carry it even to the mall so that I can read few pages while waiting for food or standing in queue for billing!! If you are imagining me as a thick glassed nerd sitting in a corner of a coffee shop fully engrossed in my own little world with a book in hand, you are absolutely right. Good news is that I am not the only one!!
Anisha Jain
Illiterati Books and Coffee, McLeod Ganj During afternoon, we visited Illiterati café and had some good coffee, sandwiches and the mouth-watering carrot cake.
Aditi Chaudhary
Illiterati books and coffee – My favorite place in Mcleod! Omg! The vibe this place has is addictive. You want to keep going back. Food is top notch. Ambience is great with lot of books and grooving music. Do shop for some real cool soaps and lip balms available on the billing desk. We paid ₨ 780 for pasta, one starter, one mint mojito and their signature pastry.Mid way Lunch – We visited this place on our way back to the airport. Total disaster. I fell sick post eating here. Avoid!
Isha Saxena
The dreamiest work location I have ever come across, Illiterati Books and Coffee, till a few years ago was a well-kept secret of McLeodganj. And now, the #1 rated restaurant on Trip Advisor. The coziest nooks full of loads and loads of books, freshly brewed coffee and tea and comfort food with a breathtaking view of the hills. The Cafe As I think back, it reminds me of the Faraway Tree stories, of the magical come-and-go lands each time it is climbed over. Located much before McLeodganj, on Jogibara Road, the Cafe is easy to spot with travelers pouring in for coffee and views, reading books and exchanging stories. The three side balcony that runs around gives a perfect view of the snowcapped hills, making it an Indian adaptation of something out of Enid Blyton novels.
Shilpa Shashidhar
Spent my evening in Mcleod, gazing at the majestic Himalayas, conversing with fellow travellers and indulging in some delectable food at Illiterati.