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yamuna expressway authority office

Sharath PS
Got on the Yamuna experessway - chugging away on a 500cc mighty Bullet Electra.
Rahul Arora
I rode straight to the starting point of Yamuna Expressway on the Greater Noida Highway just next to the Knowledge Park-III. I was sure that the ride was going to be comfortably smooth & blazing as I was riding on the well-laid tarmac put decently by Jaypee Group. Gotta say, job well done! First thing you’d notice while you are riding there is that the tarmac is completely different from what our National Highways are laid with. It’s a 6-lane well-protected from both sides by guard mesh so that no one from either side could get stranded in the middle of a speeding highway, plus it’s a relief for the people who take on the road. Although, lane driving is essential, one can easily maintain decent speeds, for the highway is less crowded & has no pit stops except for the ones next to the Toll Plazas located at 50kms from one another. You heard it right, the only restaurants/rest rooms/drinking water facility you would find on this road are built next to the Toll Plazas. Not a good news for some of us who like to take short breaks during long rides. See for yourself! But to ease off the shock, I gotta tell you that the Highway Helpline is hyper-active & any help you need while on the road reaches you within minutes. The authorities have deployed service cars & toe-vehicles at regular stretches down the highway to avoid delays in case of any mishaps.