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Hotel Surja

Roma Kandpal
So, Surja Palace was by far the best place I've stayed in. We reached Jaisalmer fort at about 11 o'clock in the night and apparently everything pretty much shuts down at that hour of the day. And what appeared to us at first was this place that was dingy, unsafe and not something we should go ahead with. Strangely every member of the staff was fast asleep except one of the guys who showed us two rooms, out of which we chose to stay in the one which luckily was on the top floor and thats the only thing we thought could save us. We somehow managed to get sleep at about 2, until what we saw the next morning that took our breath away. I've never a prettier sunrise and a view of the entire city, the way it looked from our window. We quickly went on the cafe on the roof-top as we were starving and picked up the basic items to order as we were skeptical about the food. But turns out, they had the best breakfast!! We ended up hogging so much that we weren't able to move!!! And all of this was totally under budget. Before i forget, this place had free wifi for all the guests! Hotel Surja is a place for the ones who aren't very finicky about luxury. This place is magical because it will give you something you might take with you and always cherish. Like I did. You're on your own. You will not have room service, but the best service from the cooks. They will make you fall in love with the place!