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September - May
Families, Couples
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Periyar National Park

As we think about Kumily and Thekkady, the images and the beautiful scenes of spice and coffee plantations come to our minds. The lush greenery, rippling waterfalls and the scenes of wild animals, birds and reptiles run through our minds. The Periyar tiger Reserve and Wildlife sanctuary is one of the best forest sanctuaries of the country. The sanctuary is spread over the whole Idukki District and is a very popular tourist attraction. The tigers are the main animals found here and is also a part of the Project Tiger. On your visit to Kumily, a visit to this reserve is a must for everyone.
Jhelum Kaushal
પેરિયાર નેશનલ પાર્ક એ દક્ષિણ ભારતના મુખ્ય નેશનલ પાર્કમાં આવે છે. પેરિયાર અને મુલાયર નદીઓ ઉપર 1895 માં ડેમ બન્યો હતો. 925 ચોરસ કિમીમાં ફેલાયેલા આ નેશનલ પાર્કમાં બાઈસન, સાંભાર, જંગલી સુવર લંગુર, હાથીઓ અને વાઘ જોવા મળે છે.કેવું છે નેશનલ પાર્ક?
Shikha Bhatt
We made our way into Periyar National park. Being from north India, this was the place I read in my GK books in school and it was exciting to experience it. The types of flora and fauna is so diverse and the weather gave us a thumbs up. We went for the ride on a big boat that channelled itself inside the national park taking us to various parts of the park. We viewed many animals. We also explored the park on foot in certain non-restricted area. We stayed a beautiful vintage building for the night.
Shalbha Sarda
Swati Keshri
Today, we went for the day-long Bamboo Rafting program in Periyar Tiger Reserve. We had booked it online as the tickets are very limited and we didn't want to miss it. We reached the reserve at 7:30 am, the program started by 8:30 am and ended by 5 pm. It includes ~10 km hiking and ~3 hours rafting. Enroute, the accompanying forest guides will show the spices found in the forest. One is also given an oar to try her hand at rowing and it's pure fun! We saw mongoose, a baby elephant, some wild boars and skeletal remains of a dead elephant! All in all, it's a day well spent!
Neha jain
Periyar Wild life scanctuary