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December - February
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Great Rann of Kutch

Anshul Sharma
3.) Land of hot snow
Divisha - The Diadeb
One already starts to witness the amalgamation of cross border cultures in the last village towards the border. One also has the option to go further for about 30 Kms to see the Indo Pak border, but I chose to stay away due to time constraints. We took the shorter route to Rann of Kutch and I was amazed to see a desert for the first time. Barren brown lands with Cacti growing here and there, no other sign of vegetation and population – was intimidating at first. Wind blowing at a distance bringing in huge waves of dust was a first time experience. After travelling for about 45 mins, we reached the famous Bhungas of Rann Of Kutch (tents/ destined areas of stay). After parking the vehicle at designated location, we chose to walk to the white sand beach. After about 30 mins, we reached the Salt Beach where we saw nothing but White Salt spread on the canvas of earth. Strolling on the white salt, touching and feeling the salt particles, about half an hour passed post which I sat calmly seeing the salt glistening under sunshine. While the experience would have been much extravagant in the evenings, but glad being able to visit the place in right time. After clicking some nice pics around the props placed at beautiful locations, we headed back to the base. We took a quick ride on the camel carriage and enjoyed the slight tumults of camel’s gait pulling the beautiful carriage. Some quick shopping of souvenirs and we were on the way back to Bhuj. We visited Shaam e Sarhad resort for lunch (based on a recommendation) on our way back but disappointed as they had closed for the season. We then stopped over for lunch at a different place and after a sumptuous local spread, headed back to Bhuj. On the way, back one can visit the huge textile villages of Gujarat (Nirona, Sumrasar, Dhordo and many more) but rather than taking a 15 Kms detour, we stopped on our way back to a small artisan factory where we saw almost 7 different styles of handiwork of Gujarat.
Prerana Bharadwaj
Who would not wish to spend a night sitting on white sands and star gaze? Rann of Kutch offers this exact dreamy experience! Rann Utsav is held annually every year from November till February.The Kutch Rann Utsav is held amid a shimmering landscape that gives enchanting moments to cherish and it feels like heaven on earth!
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The infinite sheet of white, the breeze, with a background score of Gujarati folk song and changing shades of the setting sun was an inexplainable experience. That, which must only be felt by being there. In addition to the beauty that it is, what stands tall interestingly is the molecular structure of salt. Known as NaCl in chemistry, it was thought-provoking to see how a minute single particle of salt actually looks like. It looks like "that is not the salt we eat!!??!!" :)