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Ekvira Devi Temple

After reaching Malavali village I exit the Highway & take a right towards Karla village. The road is straight & in good condition. It takes you to the Ekvira hill where the caves are situated. The final stretch of the road is very bad.There is a small paved parking area for vehicles & auto rickshaws. From the parking there are around 300 steps to climb. I didn't count. Human encroachment is seen here all along the stairway. Stores selling food & aarti products. Lots of plastic litter along the way. I almost regret coming.In 2009 these hills were home to a lot of Rhesus Macaque monkeys but today I see none. At the end of the stairway you'll see the ticket counter & the gate. The entry fee is 25 Rupees of Indian adult. Camera is extra. Nothing for cell phones. For Foreigners it's 300 Rupees. No tripods/camera stand allowed.The caves need a lot of attention. If I am to compare these caves to Hampi I think there is a big difference in Government funding as well as the number of tourists visiting. If you are going to litter & encroach I doubt there'll be any tourists coming.The caves were closed so I go back down towards Bhaja caves to shoot my next video. I hope you liked watching & reading my experience. Thank YouAjinkyaD.
seema navale
It was not that crowded but could see many people climbing for Darshan. Me and my mother were a bit slow as my mother some how managed to walk till the top.Yippee she made it and am proud of her.We all had Darshan and blessing from the Devi.Then there was a cave nearby ,Karla caves .It opens around 9am .There is entry ticket of 15rs for this.Entry of this shows the Ashoka Pillar kind of pillar am not aware of the history behind this. It is worth watching rooms and terrace in cave .Also a big Darbar in caves.