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Imphal, Santhei Park & Andro VillageIt’s a day to seep into Manipuri heritage. Firstly, visiting the famed Kangla Fort with its artificial lake, gardens, Hijagang & Govindaji Temples. Together with a quick tour of the small yet impressive Manipur State Museum. Thereafter, head to a picnic lunch at the verdant Santhei Natural Park. Once over there, admire the many stalls showcasing the famous Andro clayware & pottery. Afterwards, a walk into the past awaits in the form of the elaborate Mutua Heritage Village complex. Return towards Imphal to call it a day.
A culturally rich village – Andro is located just 25 km from Imphal. Pottery is the main occupation here. There is a museum in this village which is an explorer’s delight. Realising the potential of this village, a few government initiatives are taken to make this place a popular tourist hub. There is so much to learn about Manipur in this village.
Onkar Tendulkar
Heritage village of meitei community of Manipur.