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Believed to be dating back to 1st century AD, the ancient village of Andro had some of the earliest settlers of Manipur. An hour’s drive from Imphal, it is the ideal location for a day trip. It is famous for its handcrafted and unique style of pottery, tribal dolls, animal figurines and wood carvings.
Imphal, Santhei Park & Andro VillageIt’s a day to seep into Manipuri heritage. Firstly, visiting the famed Kangla Fort with its artificial lake, gardens, Hijagang & Govindaji Temples. Together with a quick tour of the small yet impressive Manipur State Museum. Thereafter, head to a picnic lunch at the verdant Santhei Natural Park. Once over there, admire the many stalls showcasing the famous Andro clayware & pottery. Afterwards, a walk into the past awaits in the form of the elaborate Mutua Heritage Village complex. Return towards Imphal to call it a day.
A culturally rich village – Andro is located just 25 km from Imphal. Pottery is the main occupation here. There is a museum in this village which is an explorer’s delight. Realising the potential of this village, a few government initiatives are taken to make this place a popular tourist hub. There is so much to learn about Manipur in this village.
Onkar Tendulkar
Heritage village of meitei community of Manipur.