Mysterious stories about places in Meghalaya that will creep you out 🍃

Photo of Mysterious stories about places in Meghalaya that will creep you out 🍃 by still.winds

The land of many natural masterpieces and home to simple Khasi and Jaintia clan, Meghalaya happens to be a wonderland filled with magnanimous natural wonders. A place with extraordinary thrill and adventure, this place will never fail to take you by surprise. Every moment spent here will fill you with awe and astonishment. In Meghalaya, you can rejuvenate yourself by discovering many exciting places on your trip.

Shillong, the capital of Meghalaya, is an attractive city and its beauty will amaze you. What we don’t know about the city is that it can also take us to places full of thunder and tell us stories that we will never forget.

Nohkhalikai Falls is the tallest plunge waterfall located in Cherrapunji of Meghalaya. It is certainly India's tallest plunge waterfall that falls from an altitude of 1,115 ft. There is a pool of water that gets formed from the falls and it appears to be greenish in colour. Surrounded by lush green and misty clouds, the waterfall is mostly rain fed.

This mystic fall that makes every vistor admire it's beauty is sadly tagged with a tragic legend. It's name 'Nokhalikai' is basically a khasi word which means "Jump of Ka Likai". In the Khasi language, 'Ka' means female gender and 'Likai' is the protagonist of the horrifying story that you are just about to read.

Story of Nohkalikai Falls:

Story goes like this...

There was once a young mother whose name was Likai and she used to stay in the village of Rangjyrteh, which is located near this waterfall. She became a widow at an early age and so she had to take up her husband's job in order to sustain. She had a little baby who she could not give her full attention to. Other women in the village suggested her to get married as they thought the baby needed a father. Unfortunately, the man she got married to turned put to be an insecure man who did something absolutely horrendous. One day, as the wife entered the home, she found her husband had cooked a hearty meal for her. She ate her meal while she thought her baby was at their neighbourhood. Once she was done with her meal, she looked around for her daughter but couldn't find her at all.

I hope you see where this tragic story is going. The man was so envious of the baby that he chopped her off and cooked her for the meal that he fed to Likai. The moment Likai came across the basket of leaves to eat her routine betel leaves and nuts after her meals, she saw a tiny finger that she knew belonged to her daughter. Petrified and enraged by realising what had happened, she ran and ran till she reached the edge of the falls and jumped to her own death. Due to this legend, it is named as Nohkalikai Falls.

It is a sad, sad story and the origin of the name puts us in shock but you just cannot stop yourselves from visiting the falls since is it nature at its best. Northeast is blessed to have such amazing places that will only keep you mesmerized.

Nokhalikai Falls

Photo of NohKaLikai Falls by still.winds

Situated in Shillong, Sweet Falls is a waterfall which lies about 5 Kms away from Happy Valley and is about 96 metres in height. It is popularly known as the 'most beautiful' and yet the 'most dangerous' waterfall in Shillong.

However, tourists are prohibited to go close to the waterfall due to the poor construction of the road and treacherous nature of this waterfall. The area around the waterfall is filled with palm trees. The tree species include: eupatorium, lantana, rubus, fern, osmundastrum, cinnamomeum and phegopteris.

The local people call the waterfall dangerous as it is believed to be haunted.

It is said that "if people go in odd number, they return in even".

Not just that, this waterfall has been the subject of various suicides and infamous for numerous deaths.

Photo of Sweet Falls by still.winds
Photo of Sweet Falls by still.winds

The emerald green waters of Dawki look as surreal as a painting. There is nothing like taking a ride across the crystal clear waters of the Umngot River. The sight is an absolute treat to the eyes and you get a glimpse of Bangladesh as well.

Story of Dawki goes like this:

So, once upon a time, there were two sisters who decided to race on Earth across the Surmah Valley (currently a major part of Bangladesh)

They began the race. Umangot decided to take the easy route through soft terrain despite being a longer route. On the other hand, Umiew decided to break mountains as she considered herself more powerful than her other sister. Soon after, Umangot reached the destination while Umiew was nowhere to be found. Days passed and yet there was no trace of her.

But, it so happened, Umiew (elder sister) did reach the valley and to her surprise her younger sister reached the valley before her. She couldn't bear the insult of getting defeated by her sister younger to her. She decided to never go back home and Umangot (younger sister) also made up her mind to stay at the Valley forever. This is the story behind the rivers in Bangladesh. The route which the younger sister had taken passes through Dawki :)


Photo of Dawki by still.winds


Photo of Dawki by still.winds


Photo of Dawki by still.winds

Balpakram National Park, situated in southern regions of Garo Hills, Meghalaya, is one of the National Parks of India and it is close to the international border with Bangladesh.

Story behind Balpakram National Park:

It is believed that this National Park in Meghalaya is haunted by the supernatural presence of dead spirits!

But that doesn't stop adventurous travelers to feature this place in their bucket list. The dense forests that are drowned in darkness or the winding caves that are shrouded in mystery is something that attracts travel enthusiasts to check out such locations.

This National Park is perched on a jaw-dropping altitude of 3,000 feet above sea level and it covers an area of about 200 square kilometres. It is no doubt regarded as one of the best bio hotspots in the country. We also can't ignore the fact that this park is home to many rare and endangered species such as the Asian golden cat, the pitcher plants, the Indian elephant, Bengal Tiger and many more. The native Garo tribes have named it as 'The land of spirits' and this place is held as sacred and of great religious significance. The mysterious events that took place inside this forest couldn't be scientifically proven too. The most mysterious of all are the Schima Wallichii Trees. The locals are of the opinion that the unusual dent in the tree trunks were caused by restless spirits as they made their journey towards the 'abode of the dead'.

It is advisable for tourists to exercise some caution while trekking across the woods so as not to awaken the dead spirits while they are crossing over to the other world.

Source: Internet

Photo of Balpakram National Park by still.winds

Source: Internet

Photo of Balpakram National Park by still.winds
Photo of Balpakram National Park by still.winds

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