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A small village in the Jaintia Hills this was the summer resort of the Jaintia King of Jaintiapur, in present day Bangladesh. This place is also famous for the beautiful Durga Temple. This was also the place where the Ahom kings of Assam lived and the Shiva Temple here was built by them. Apart from being a place of worship in the wet state, it is also attractive because of the rooling hills and natural beauty around.
Adete Dahiya
Visit the monoliths of NartiangNartiang is a three-hour drive east of Shillong. Leave the city after a good breakfast in the morning and carry snacks with you for the journey. It is a picturesque drive to say the least.
Nancy & Joseph Gill
Nestled in the Jainta Hills is the fascinating village of Nartiang, home of the Pnar people. This tribe descends from Mongolia, Thailand and/or Cambodia and are animists still practicing 'magic.' They may have multiple wives, in contrast to the surrounding Christian settlements. They are quite controversial in the area. Their Durga temple was once used for human sacrifices (stopped by the British) and the "endless hole" next to the altar was used to dump the heads of the unfortunate victims. The hole now holds only candy wrappers and fruit - being used to slaughter goats once a year when a visiting Bangladeshi priest presides over the ceremony.