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The second largest city after Aizwal, Lunglei is a town located in the south-central part of Mizoram. Named after ‘Lungleh', which literally means bridge of rock, Lunglei has lots to offer to travellers looking for a quiet holiday. Though most quiet vacation destinations are overrated, this one will not disappoint you. With not many 'touristy' spots to visit, what this town offers is awe-inspiring beauty. If you are in the North-East, Lunglei is a great weekend destination! Do visit the architectural beauty, the War Memorial of Lunglei as well as a lovely site that houses an engraved image of Buddha with dancing girls on either side. It is located about 50 km from Lunglei town and is a must-visit!
Day 11: Thorangtlang Wildlife SanctuaryThis is a beautiful wildlife sanctuary in Mizoram that attracts a lot of tourists. The wildlife sanctuary is spread across50 square km and is the home to various animals like leopard, elephant, gaur (indian bison), and wild dog, sambar, barking deer, sloth bear, hoolock gibbon, leaf monkey, common langur, rhesus macaque, giant squirrel, porcupine, slow lorris, jungal cat, wild boar and varieties of birds. The green forests often form the passage for elephants between India and Bangladesh. After the visit to the Wildlife sanctuary, return to Lunglei in the evening.
Day 10: Thenzawl – LungleiLunglei is a beautiful town famous for its scenic beauty and natural settings. “Lunglei” literally means “the bridge of rock” and got its name after the actual bridge like rock found here. Visit the Nghasih Stream, a small beautiful riverine that is actually a tributary of the Tlawng River. The serenity of the place makes it quite a desirable destination. Next visit the Lunglei Bridge, the bridge of rock found around the Nghasih Stream.
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Think lush forests, green paddy fields, admirable vineyards and a vibrant wildlife, and you will still not be close enough to imagine the beauty of Lunglei, a tiny hamlet in Mizoram. In this age when most places promote their tourism with a promise of ample sightseeing and things to do, Lunglei remains untouched by any of it.Lunglei also known as Lungleh literally means “the bridge of rock” and is named after one of the points of interest in the city. Famous for its natural setting, it is the ideal place to visit if anyone wants to break away from the hustle bustle of the city life and relax in the midst of nature’s simple offerings. Covered with hills and thick bamboo groves that seem to stretch forever, Lunglei is a place still unfamiliar to many Indians.Things to see: