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Mukteshwar MahadevTemple

Aprajita Parkash
Reaching the temple was easy and just like any other temple in the hills, this too was elevated from the road and needed to be climbed up by stairs. The temple is known to be old and have religious importance.
Avantika Chaturvedi
This is a beautiful little Shiv temple, which is some thousand years old, and holds a big event during shivratri. The entire view of the valley is visible from up there, and the branches of trees in the temple complex are adorned with red cloth and small bells.3. Chauli ki Jali
nishant shrivastava
The very next day, on our way back to Delhi, we made a quick stop at a pristine temple dedicated to Lord Shiv & explored the famous rock top of Chauli Ki Jali which provides scenic mountain & valley views.
Pranabandhu Nayak
This 10th Century temple of Bhubaneswar is one of the few well-maintained temples of the city. In the middle of lush green Lawn, the main temple is sorrounded by number of small temples. This temple is believed to be built by Somavanshi King Yajati I.