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Hatu Peak

Hatu peak is highest peak in Shimla, surrounded by dense woods.
Akshita Duggal
It takes about 3 and a half hours to reach from Shimla to Hatu Peak.The roads are in almost good conditions up-to Narkanda. From there, it is an upwards drive towards the peak where the roads are extremely narrow and only an experienced driver of the hills is recommended to drive to the top.Alternatively taxi's are also available to reach the hilltop and you can trek the 8 KM stretch too.We decided to visit this mesmerizing place from Shimla - during the month-of August.Even though it was the rainy season but we were blessed by a bright sunny day. The route was extremely scenic with beautiful blue skies and since it was the apple season - we witnessed a lot of apple orchards on the way!
Shubham Jijvania
There were lots of places to visit but due to lack of time we chose only one,,,,,,which is 'Hatu Temple'. Hatu Temple is a spritual place . the history of this place related to Ravan's wife. Hatu Temple is 5-6 km away from Narkanda but the root is very difficult and steep. there were many facilities to reach Temple by book a car or by on foot. but we had a bike so we had no issue for that root was very sloped and locked with small and big stones , it was very difficult to drive bike on that root . but after climbing the uphill ,finally we reached the temple. but i swear I'd never experienced thoughest root like this.After reaching there we felt like we were on the heaven............... guys please....I recommend you should visit this place once in your life. and you can check my Narkanda video by going to my timeline.. thanks...keep reading my blogs.
Prateek Raizada
Rahul Nanda
On day 2 to acclimatise to the mountains I did the famous Hatu Peak Trek in Narkhanda.A moderate trek in the Shimla District that is a total of 14 kms through beautiful pine forests with the Hatu Devi Temple & panoramic views of the Himalayas from the top. A must do trek if you visit Narkhanda.
Sri Harsha Arangi
At 4pm, we started toward Hatu peak. The road was very narrow, and though it was normal for the drivers there, we were very scared, only to realize that they will be worse in the coming days. Hatu peak is known for the views it offer to the higher Himalayas. Sadly the weather was misty from the morning, and we couldn't see beyond few meters. There is also a temple on the top. Started the descent after roaming for a while.