Narkanda Complete Tour | Hatu Peak | A Heaven Of Shimla


Narkanda is 60 km away from Shimla surrounded by Himalayan ranges. It is a skiing resort in winter and the prime apple belt of himachal pradesh. 20 km away from narkanda, You will find stokes farm which started the apple culture. In narkanda aswell you will find apple orchards all around the village and people come here for a stay in nature camps.

8 km away from Narkanda, At a height of 3400 m from sea level, A small trek can take you to a heaven on earth which is Hatu Peak. Hatu Peak is the highest peak of Shimla where you can experience a 360 degree view of himalayan ranges. Hatu Temple is one of the attractions in Hatu Peak which was constructed by Mandodari, Wife of Ravana. After that Pandavas came here during their exile (For Agyatvaas) and worship Hatu Mata. They stayed here for sometime and used to cook food at rocks. The rocks on which they used to cook food can be seen here at Hatu Peak.

Places like Chitkul can also be seen from Hatu Peak and the view is more like a heaven on earth.

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