Bhonsala Military School

It has not always been an easy getaway - in terms of the mode of travel, food, stay options. Travel has its flavors and comes with compromises. I remember me enrolling in Bhonsala Military school workshop in Nashik. It was about 15 days long strict disciplinary training under military guidance which included horse riding, marching, swimming, shooting along with some indoor activities. Believe me, it was not effortless but it definitely made me a tough person at a very timid age and understand what our army, navy and air force cadets go through for our nation.The perfect balance between a backpacking and a luxurious holiday is something I always look forward to. Luxury trips are different and have a unique touch to them. Of course there is a money component which gets instantly added to it. Staying in resorts and Airbnb home stays/apartments is hence the other side of the coin. Working in an IT firm, it has been difficult to save leaves to take off to a destination and spend a holiday. I truly believe that one should have a motivation to work and earn those bucks. For me it is travel which gives me the boost to do so :) I love to take work breaks often and disappear in the nature, grab some memories and relive them after I come back until my next trip.