Mahamarg Msrtc Bus Station

Bhargav KVRK
This was the perfect setting for an adventurous back packing to Sapta Shrungi. We took the next bus at 10 pm and the bus trundled out of Shirdi and deposited us at Nasik little short of midnight at the Mahamarg MSRTC Bus Stand. We were welcomed with open and deserted streets of Nasik bathed in yellow glow of sodium vapours. . We enquired- "Oh, you have to go to the Devi gadh!" replied one bespectacled man from behind the Enquiry window. Go to the Thakkar bazar bus stand, which is just couple of kilometers from here, you will get a bus to Vani from there. Saptashrungi Gad is 26 kms from Vani. All temples on a mountain are generally referred to as Gadh in the local parlance.