Manju Gawde
History of PanchavatiSo every Hindu might be aware of the story of Sita-Haran (kidnapping) It says that when Shri Ram ,sita and laxman were in Vanwas they were leaving in Dandakarany (jungles name) and during that period Sita get kidnap by demon king Ravana.Even the name Nashik is related to one of the Ramayana's story where Laxman cut off the nose of Shurpnaka(Demon ravan's sister) and thus this place was named as 'Nasik'(in sanskrit).River godavari flows through nashik city and its northern area known as Panchvati. So this place panchvati gets historic reference in 'Ramayana's' story where ram and sita used to stay. 'Panch' means Five and 'Vati' means banyan tree so this place panchvati still has Five banyan trees thats why the place is called Panchvati.How I explore City NashikMe and my friend complete our business things within 2-3 hours we left for panchavati by local auto.SundarNarayan MandirSundar Narayan temple dedicated to bhagwan Vishnu .Where the story behind the temple says that once Lord vishnu get cursed by Vrinda Devi and he lost his beauty and to regained his complexion other god suggest him to take bath in Godavari river .Since he become beautiful again and the Lord named as Sundar Narayan,Sundar means Beautiful in Marathi.This temple is situated at the corner of ahilyabai holkar bridge.This temple has attractive architecture which constructed in 1756.The temple is carved in stone and it has Mughal architecture impression.