Thakkar bazaar cbs bus stop

Bhargav KVRK
We took an auto and reached Thakkar Bazar CBS Bus stand. It was a brightly lit small bus stand with half a dozen platforms and some dozing passengers on the cement benches. We found a long cement bench and felt relieved as it would be able to accommodate our long frames and parked ourselves there. Next, I tried to enquire about the possible bus to Vani but got a gamut of confusing answers- 'Yes, a bus starts at 4 am', 'I think it starts at 5.30 am', 'Oh! bus for Vani, you can't be sure, it might start at 6 am', 'Bus to Vani! sometimes it won't start'. We were utterly confused, what is the truth about this mysterious bus to Vani! With prayer to the mother and the arm rest of the cement bench as a pillow, we tried to steal a few naps. At 2.30 am, a jeep drove into the bus station compound and came to a screeching halt. I woke up with a start by the sound. Being curious, my brother approached the jeep and started a conversation. He found that it will take us to the nearest point to Saptashrungi Gad. We grabbed the opportunity with both hands and were heading towards our next destination Nanduri with the hot breaking news of the morning. We were in a jeep which transported the Marathi newspapers to the towns near Nashik.