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Rhine Falls

Sushma Neeraj
We reached Rhine Falls in the late noon and it was so spectacular. Rhine Falls is the largest waterfalls in Europe, which passes through four neighboring countries. This is located near a city - Schauffhausen, northern part of Switzerland. The natural beauty is so overwhelming and for sure its worth it. To enjoy the falls even closer, boat tours are also there. So, we took one of the boat which took us to the rock in the middle of the falls. We de-boarded the boat and climbed up the rock, where we could see the actual force of the waterfalls so closely. That was so breathtaking moment. After spending sometime there, we returned in the same boat and left Schauffhausen soon and proceeded to Zurich City.
Tropical Pahadi
Rhine Falls-Leaving Switzerland is not so easy but on fourth day we packed our bag and drove to Germany. On the way we visited Rhine Falls, widest and most powerful waterfall in Europe. We took a boat to go at the centre of waterfall-It was an awesome (little scary too) experience from the top of 'Rock'. After Rhine falls we went to Germany. New country, new excitement!!!!
Adete Dahiya
Make your first halt at Schaffhausen, where you can witness the beauty of the glorious Rhine Falls – Europe’s biggest and most spectacular falls.Pro tip: Don't buy Swiss chocolates at souvenir shops. They are usually low quality and overpriced. If you have to, opt to buy from a local supermarket.
Day 3: Rhine WaterfallsRhine waterfalls was highlight of our trip as this is the most beautifl waterfall in swiss. From Zurich we took a train to Winterthur and from there to rhine waterfalls. They are just like Niagra Waterfalls but a bit small. If you want to experience these falls from close then do take water boat ride. On the way back from Rhine we visited Winterthur which is a great place for shopping lovers. We were lucky to find Indian food festival there. Remember, rains are unpredictable in swiss so always remember to carry your umbrella with you. Our next stop was chapel bridge in Luzerne. If you are photography lover then you can definitely get some nice shots here. Day 4: Interlaken and Bern
Rhine fallIt was time to move on but not without some fun. Went to Rhinefall before finishing the tour.Couldn't make it to Interlaken and other mountain destinations because of lack of time and weather.
Neha Makdey
known as the mini niagra falls, doesn't fail to impress, you can also take a boat to get close to the falls, quiet a scary journey though :D